UPDATE: Chef KiKo’s Life After ‘Below Deck’

NBCUMV Fan favorite Chef KiKo is still cooking on boats after his departure from "Below Deck Mediterranean."

Chef Hindrigo “KiKo” Lorran was dismissed after ten episodes of season 5 of Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean. Although KiKo had an upbeat and positive attitude, Captain Sandy Yawn let him go after his meals continued to be subpar. After an overly fried and unprepared Vegas-themed dinner, Captain Sandy chose to dismiss him.

“I felt very bad,” Kiko told The Daily Dish of the moment Captain Sandy fired him. “That was crazy.” Former Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier suggested items for the Vegas dinner, but many missed the mark. “I’m not putting [this] on Hannah,” KiKo told The Daily Dish. “Totally not putting [this] on Hannah. That was on me. I was listening [to Hannah’s] menu. That wasn’t my menu.”

Since his departure, the Brazilian chef has been making the most of his time. KiKo says he even feels, “amazing” after the show aired, according to an interview from Decider.com in August. KiKo will appear with the other Below Deck Mediterranean castmembers in the two-part reunion airing October 19 and October 26 on Bravo.

KiKo Is Continuing Cooking

Captain Sandy didn’t love KiKo’s food, but that didn’t stop the chef from reaching his cooking dreams. As of August, KiKo is in Martinique – a Caribbean Island – working on a catamaran traveling around the world for two years, according to Decider.com. “So I’m pretty excited and pretty happy,” he told Decider.com. He added that he’s working with his girlfriend, Nicole, too. “Seeing the world with my girlfriend, it’s just a dream,” he said to Decider.com

Since KiKo’s Vegas-themed dinner upset, he and his girlfriend have traveled to Las Vegas to get a sense for the food, he told Decider.com. “We stopped there and after we went to the Grand Canyon — that place is amazing,” he said.

As for the themed dinner, KiKo stands by his food and doesn’t blame Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier for the menu suggestions. “She was trying to help,” he told Decider.com. “She saw I was lost. She saw I was already questioning myself.” He added, “That was my mistake. I’m the chef. In a chef position, you should decide if you’re going to do it. I should listen to myself. That’s why I’m saying, the biggest lesson of the show was like, do not listen to people anymore.”

During the season, KiKo also struggled with preparing vegan options for the guest, but he notes that he’s worked on that since then. “Vegan people, I’m telling you,” he told Decider.com. “They’re coming to me sad that I said the things on the show, but what I have to tell everyone is that I love vegan food as well.” KiKo added, “I will learn! I will learn more.”

KiKo Still Hangs out With Most of the Cast

Even though KiKo’s time on Below Deck Mediterranean was cut short, he still keeps in touch with many of the castmembers. “Jess is a very good friend of mine, Hannah is a good friend of mine,” KiKo told Decider.com. “Alex, we met in Hawaii for drinks. We got drunk together. Rob, we text sometimes on Instagram. Pete, I didn’t see him anymore. We don’t talk too much. Malia, we speak sometimes on Instagram.”

As for Captain Sandy, KiKo admits that they haven’t kept in touch. “I don’t have anything against her as a person,” he told Decider.com. “I just think it was a work moment. And that’s it. What is bad, we left behind. Everything’s going so well for me. I don’t regret anything. The show was amazing.”

KiKo added that he’s proud of himself and he feels he’s accurately portrayed on the show. “Basically, what is on the show is Kiko,” he told Decider.com. “And I just wish everyone didn’t see just my mistakes, they see also the good things that I did on the show.”

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