‘Below Deck’ Charter Guest Makes Claims Against Production

NBCUMV The newest season of "Below Deck" is airing on Bravo now.

A Below Deck guest is speaking out about his experience on the superyacht. Charley Walters was the first primary guest of the season, and things immediately started with a bang. Walters has appeared on Bravo’s Below Deck during seasons five and six, according to the Daily Dish.


Walters and his outgoing friends joined the newest season of Below Deck, as well. The group was the new crew’s first guests, and there were a few bumps in the road. At one point, Walters himself took over bar duties and made the drinks himself. “Everyone seems a little overwhelmed, so I’m just going to help out a little bit,” he said, per the Daily Dish.

When the episodes aired in mid-November, the CEO of CW3 Public Relations tweeted his thoughts and opinions on the show. Many fans were upset with his “demanding” behavior, but Walters defended his actions. When one fan tweeted, “I think these guests are just trying to be as demanding and s***** as possible for TV #BelowDeck,” Walters responded, “You THINK?”

Walters Spilled Some Production Secrets

Walters didn’t hold back on sharing his side of the story. Shortly before arriving for their charter, Captain Lee Rosbach fell and had to go to the hospital. Walters tweeted to Captain Lee noting that he had no idea about the incident, and said Captain Lee was a, “true professional.” One fan screenshot the tweet with a negative comment, and Walters replied, “I’m used to this, gang. Do you think Bravo has repeat guests back to play nice and be “not demanding”? That’s not what I was told!”

Another fan screenshot photos of Walters on Below Deck and wrote, “F*** THIS GUY,” and the tweet got nearly 2,000 likes. Walters responded tweeting, “You are told to come up with the most extravagant orders you can think of.”

A Bravo fan account joined in on the action by sharing two photos of Walters and writing, “Man .. I would be the easiest charter #BelowDeck could have. I’ll eat whatever the chef makes and the stews can take their sweet time with no pressure. Some of these charters I are absolute douchebags like this guy Charley Walters.”

Walters defended himself replying, “But they wouldn’t cast you for that. That’s not what the show is about. You have to be demanding and dramatic or there’s no show.”

After a consistent stream of Below Deck fan hate, a fan asked him why he continues to appear on the show. “I appreciate the genuine question and will give a genuine answer,” Walters wrote. “I do this for the fun experience of being on Bravo again, getting to travel to new places with friends in a luxury setting, and also the residual $ bump if you pass a threshold of lines is not bad over time.”

Walters Insists He & the Crew Are on Good Terms

Even after countless espresso martinis, jet ski mishaps, and crew adjustment issues, Walters enjoys the Below Deck crew and has a fun time with the show. A fan tweeted, “Charley Walters u and ur guests were total douche bags on the show,” and Walters jokingly responded, “Agree. If i didnt know me i’d HATE me after that one!!”

Walters and Captain Lee’s friendship also seems to be going steady. After Walters noted Captain Lee’s professionalism post-hospital visit, Captain Lee tweeted back, “Charley, you guys are the best. Always great to have you aboard. You set the tone for the rest of the season. Well done, and who knows? Thanks so very much.”

When another fan told Captain Lee he was, “not feeling” Walters, Captain Lee stood up for his guest. “Charley is a repeat client, and we just got caught with some unforeseen circumstances and so you do the very best you can,” he tweeted. “The fact that we kept it from them knowing what we had to deal with was paramount. Goal achieved. Wait for it.”

Walters also stood up for the crew and told one fan, “Ask any of the crew now, we are friends with most and had some great kind times that you won’t see as it doesn’t make interesting TV. But how would you know? It’s all good.”

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