Why Fans Want Bravo to Fire Captain Sandy Yawn & Malia White From ‘Below Deck’

NBCUMV Fans are calling for Malia White and Captain Sandy Yawn to be fired from "Below Deck Mediterranean."

Below Deck Mediterranean fans are calling for Bravo to fire both Captain Sandy Yawn – AKA Captain Sandy – and Bosun Malia White. The second part of the Below Deck Mediterranean reunion wraps up the dramatic fifth season of the franchise. Season 5 included firings and hirings, drug findings, and turbulent boat-mances. The reunion aires tonight, Monday, October 26 on Bravo.

NBCUMVThe “Below Deck Mediterranean” part two reunion aires Monday, October 26 on Bravo.

The season is almost over, but fans aren’t letting go of some of the events that transpired over the season. Halfway through the season, Captain Sandy fired Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier. Ferrier was caught with unregistered Valium as well as a CBD vape pen after White discovered the unregistered drugs in the cabin and sent a photo of the drugs to Captain Sandy. Both Captain Sandy and White justified the firing by referencing maritime law mandating crew members to register medications beforehand.

Since Ferrier’s firing, fans have called for the firings of both Captain Sandy and White. Specifically, one fan started a petition titled, “Please Fire Malia White from Below Deck” that has garnered over 10,700 signatures.

The description for the petition states that White should be fired for her, “insensitivity to a crew member’s mental illness.” The petition continues, “Undermining Hannah’s anxiety attack in the cabin and reporting it back to captain Sandy as a ‘freak out’ is extremely insulting to BD [Below Deck Mediterranean] viewers who suffer from a mental illness.”

Malia White Defended Her Actions

White has continued to defend her actions of turning in Ferrier amid fan accusations. Right before White reported the drugs to Captain Sandy, White and Ferrier had gotten into an argument over cabin arrangements. “Though we understand Maritime laws, it was clear Malia’s actions were done out of spite,” the petition states. “She used someone’s mental illness as a revenge tactic to get her fired.”

Andy Cohen relayed that message on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on August 10, right after the episode where Captain Sandy fired Ferrier. “Did you text Sandy about Hannah because it was your duty to, or because you were upset about the bunk-swapping debacle?” Cohen asked White. “I already had my bunk at that point, so, yeah, it was because it was my duty to,” White replied. “I don’t want to lose my licensing.” White added, “Hannah knows that what she was doing was wrong. She knows that it’s against the rules.”

Many fans also thought that White’s intentions were more malicious than dutiful. One user tweeted, “Malia is such a snake for what she did to Hannah!!” Another fan tweeted, “Malia should have been fired for rifling through Hannah’s possessions and photographing them! That’s also protocol!” Ferrier herself also tuned in via Twitter, as seen above.

Another user tweeted, “it really bothered me how malia snitched on hannah to captain sandy so she’d get fired. it seems oddly convenient that malia was JUST pissed at hannah for not wanting to switch cabins. low blow, girl. we dont like snitches.”

Fans Also Want Captain Sandy Yawn Fired

Malia White isn’t the only Below Deck Mediterranean star who fans want fired. Many fans are also outraged with Captain Sandy Yawn’s behavior this season and want her removed from the franchise. “She backpedaled, took no accountability for her own actions,” one user tweeted.

Fans accused Captain Sandy of playing favorites and firing Ferrier, because she didn’t like the former Chief Stewardess. “Sandy made it out like Hannah was a drug addict,” one user tweeted. “It’s clear she has anxiety, and it’s clear that she was prescribed the Valium…Sandy just wanted her gone.”

Another added, “So let me get this straight you don’t want a stew taking Valium in case there is an emergency and she has to get up quickly in case the boat is sinking but it’s perfectly ok for everyone to go out drinking heavily until 4am u think they’re capable of helping?”

Many fans are hoping that neither Captain Sandy nor White return for season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean. “My question is why hasnt Bravo fired Captain Sandy and Malia,” one fan tweeted. “Both are horrendous. Some of the crew defending them are only worried about not being asked back. After watching what went down…its obvious Hannah’s firing was personal & unprofessional.”

While many fans may not love Captain Sandy, they’re excited for Captain Lee Rosbach to return for season 8 of Below Deck on Monday, November 2. One user wrote, “Omg she must be fired captain lee is the best!” Another added, “I think Sandy better take lessons from captain Lee. Time for Sandy to leave!”

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