25 Best Christmas Movies of All Time: The Ultimate List

There are two things that produce incredibly polarized reactions in people during the holidays: the music and the movies. Like anything else, there are a whole bunch of interpretations that make a given movie feel Christmas-y to one person and not to another. We’ve included a pretty good mix of styles here, from vintage classics to modern classics and at every point along the Sappiness Spectrum (a measure I have just made up). Whatever says Christmas to you, chances are we have it reflected below. In order to best bask in the holiday spirit, here are the 25 best Christmas movies of all time.

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While it's true that you can probably catch any of these on TV during the season, we think it's important to have ready access to your favorite Christmas flick at any given moment, since that's the whole point. Additionally, movies on TV are terrible. They're interrupted with ads (as if you need to be advertised to between October and January), they're trimmed down in often awkward ways, and if you opt for any of the rated R titles below, they're censored beyond recognition. For the holiday movies you love the most, you either want to own them or know you can call them up — commercial-free — at any moment.

To that end, we've indicated their availability on either Netflix or Amazon, and further whether they're available for free with Amazon Prime. (If you don't have Prime yet, go here for a free trial.) If those options fail, you can always grab yourself a good, ol' fashioned physical copy. And just for fun, we included the Rotten Tomatoes score for those who might be swayed by it.

It's true: The Nightmare Before Christmas isn't on this list. Though it can be read either way, it was originally released in October, and the director himself has said he considers it a Halloween movie. Whichever way you think of it, you're not wrong.

What is on this list is in no particular order, so don't sweat the rankings.

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