‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 Episode 2 Spoilers & Recap

Better Call Saul season 6

AMC Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn as Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler in AMC's "Better Call Saul."

The first two episodes of the final season of AMC’s “Better Call Saul” are finally airing tonight, after two long years of wait. Stay posted for our lives recap of episode 2, entitled “Carrot and Stick,” below. Spoilers for the first episode, and a brief recap of season 5, can be found here.

Season 6 Episode 2: ‘Carrot and Stick’

Episode 2 begins shortly after the events of the season premiere, “Wine and Roses.”

Mike goes to Nacho’s former residence and tells the two ladies who he lived with to go far away, where no one will find them, and to not come back, giving them some money to assist them. He then finds Nacho’s safe, and bags some of the money in it, while also noticing two Manitoban ID cards stashed away in there: his and his father’s. He takes the father’s with him while leaving Nacho’s in the safe with some money, as well as a letter he plants there.

Back at home, Jimmy is rehearsing an ad for a personal injury lawyer in front of Kim. They then move on to rehearsing how to get Clifford Main to agree to a meeting with Howard, while also still getting him to feel wary of his potential cocaine addiction (as seen last episode).

In a safehouse, Gus and Tyrus go through photos of the assassination scene, where Tyrus tells Gus that the police believe the fire originated in the kitchen. Gus then calls Don Bolsa and tells him he has a new idea on how they can “keep the peace.”

Meanwhile, we get reacquainted with Betsy and Craig Kettleman, a couple whose fraud Jimmy exposed back in season 1, resulting in Craig going to jail. They are now running a tax service, where Jimmy notices an all-too familiar Statue of Liberty tube woman out front. Jimmy tries to convince them to sign onto a service with him supposedly in exchange of exonerating Craig, though he will not reveal any more, much to Betsy’s dismay. After playing some reverse psychology and getting them to reluctantly sign some papers making his representation of them official, Jimmy tells them that Howard, who had previously represented them, was addicted to cocaine, and hence “impaired,” while acting officially, the revelation of which could jeopardize his career. Although the Kettlemans storm away at the end of the meeting, with Betsy “firing” him after about three minutes of representation, Jimmy walks away with a smile.

Nacho seems to be going stir crazy in his motel room, even getting paranoid and pointing the gun at the door whenever food is delivered to him. However, he does notice a mysterious stranger lurking around the area.

The Kettlemans, meanwhile, confront Clifford Main about Howard’s supposed cocaine addiction, hoping to have Craig’s conviction overturned. Main, however, rebuffs them, in part because his firm is partnered with Howard’s in an ongoing case, but tells them that any attempt to overturn Craig’s conviction will likely be fruitless anyway.

At the old folks home, Gus and Don Bolsa visit Hector, where Gus gives his condolences over Lalo’s “death,” and recommits himself to the unification between himself and the Salamancas under Don Bolsa’s leadership. With great effort, Hector even goes so far as to extend his hand to Gus in a supposed sign of peace, though this makes Gus incredibly suspicious. “Lalo Salamanca lives,” he tells Mike immediately after the meeting ends.

At Nacho’s old residence, Don Bolsa and his men discover Nacho’s safe, which includes his ID, as well as the letter Mike planted: it is a bank statement which has the phone number of the motel in which Nacho is taking refuge written down on it. Bolsa calls it, leading him to discover Nacho’s location.

Nacho, meanwhile, is a nervous wreck, barely even able to function as he is quarantined in the motel room, unable to leave, or even open the door apart from to retrieve his tray of food. Noticing someone from across the lot who appears to be tracking him, he then escapes through a back window after kicking out the air conditioner.

Nacho then goes around the back, and approaches his tracker from behind, pointing a gun to the back of head. The man then tells Nacho that he was simply hired by “a voice on the phone,” the identity of whoever pays him unknown. Nacho then calls Tyrus, telling him he doesn’t feel right and feels compelled to leave. Tyrus, however, tells him to stay put. After hanging up, the watcher then gets a ring on his own phone. Nacho tells him to turn around, then knocks him out.

At the motel, Nacho’s assassins, including the terrifying Cousins, come running while Nacho hides in a pickup truck. The cousins terrorize the place, kicking down every door they can in search of the fugitive. While one of Salamanca’s men engages in a shootout with Nacho, the Cousins kill the shooter (one of their own), because they want Nacho “alive.” Nacho, however, hotwires the pickup truck just in time, then nearly runs down the Cousins before narrowly escaping.

At Jimmy’s, Saul’s copy of “The Time Machine” (as seen in the premiere’s cold open), is sitting on his nightstand when the Kettlemans finally call him, interested in taking him up on his offer of representation after Main rejected them. They agree to meet the following morning. While Kim encourages use of “The Stick,” Jimmy thinks that the Kettlemans are more “Carrot types,” especially Betsy. “A spoonful of sugar, you know,” he says. Kim then says she wants to tag along.

Mike reassures Gus that if Lalo is alive, he’s not after Gus, that he likely won’t kill Nacho, and that he will inevitably be caught anyway. Mike suggests he and a few others cross the border to retrieve Nacho, but Gus wants to bring in Nacho’s father, presumably to use him as bait, but Mike vociferously disagrees. “Whatever happens next, it’s not going to go down the way you think it is,” Mike tells Gus ominously. He then receives a call from Nacho, who asks to speak to Gus.

Kim and Jimmy meet up with the Kettlemans at their place of business, where Betsy goes on a diatribe against Jimmy for sending them on a wild goose chase, understanding that he used them in order to smear Howard’s character, then orders him to exonerate Craig as he “promised.” As Jimmy tries to bribe them, an exasperated Kim mumbles “enough carrot,” then proceeds to dial up the IRS, where she nearly reports the Kettlemans for essentially stealing from their clients by fabricating tax returns and pocketing the difference they make from the government. Betsy, in a panic, knowing she and Craig could go to jail for their unethical business practices, hangs up the phone and asks her what she wants. Kim tells her to reimburse their clients for what they stole, then orders them to remain silent. Presumably, they agree.

“Wolves and sheep,” Jimmy says as he and Kim drive away. However, someone is onto them as they tail them in another car.

“Better Call Saul” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern on AMC. Part 1 of season 6 will continue to air until Monday, May 23. Part 2 will begin on Monday, July 11.

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