‘Big Brother’ Live Eviction & HOH Spoilers for 10/8/2020

The Big Brother 22 All-Star Final Five

CBS The Big Brother 22 All-Star Final Five

UPDATE: The live feeds are probably not coming back during the Head of Household endurance comp, which is too bad, but it’s kind of par for the course in recent years with CBS. Anyway, look for them to return after the West Coast airing of the show, so 9 p.m. PT/midnight ET. We will update this post as soon as know who the new HOH is.

Update 2: The feeds came back and Nicole has won HOH for this week. So, Christmas is definitely going on the block. The only question is whether Nicole nominates Enzo or Memphis next to her. It will probably be Memphis since he is CHristmas’ only ally in the house. Really, it all comes down to the Power of Veto this week, but Nicole does get to break any ties, so the only chance Christmas has to stay is if she wins the POV.

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It’s time for another Big Brother 22 all-star to be sent to the jury house. Cody Calafiore’s reign as Head of Household is almost over, but he is most likely going to see one of the biggest threats walk out the door in the meantime.

Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott are on the block this week and the way the wind is blowing, it sounds like Tyler is on his way out the door. But a lot of things can change on an eviction day. As for Christmas, she was saying on the live feeds that if she stays this week, she wants to win Head of Household for her son, Loyal, whose 2nd birthday is today, October 8.

Follow along below with our live eviction and Head of Household competition recap, but BE WARNED OF SPOILERS. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled.

All times Eastern.

8:05 — Well, it took all season, but things might finally get interesting now that the Committee members have to start eating their own. Who are you rooting for?

8:10 — Tyler knows his days are numbered after Cody doesn’t use the Power of Veto on him because even he acknowledges that the best move for everyone else is to get him out. Meanwhile, Enzo and Cody think Christmas is far too happy for someone who is nominated like she knows she’s safe. Well, she kind of does. Tyler is the right move here. Memphis straight up tells Tyler that voting Tyler out is probably what he’s going to do. Honestly, if Memphis gets to the end, he has a really good argument for winning, though that’s why Cody and Enzo definitely going to be gunning for him next.

8:15 — Of course, the nightmare scenario that Enzo and Cody talk about is if Christmas wins Head of Household tonight. That’s exactly what we’re rooting for, though — not because we’re necessarily Team Christmas, but because we always root for whatever will cause the most chaos in the house and that is definitely it this week.

8:20 — In the jury house, Ian Terry is disappointed to see Da’Vonne Rogers join him. Da’Vonne fills him in on how Nicole totally snaked her and she has the grace to say, “Janelle… you were right.” Yeah, the side of the house that was made up of Janelle Pierzina, Kaysar Ridha, Da’Vonne, Bayleigh Dayton, Kevin Campbell, and David Alexander could have made a run at this if they had listened to Janelle and Kaysar. Also, they couldn’t seem to win an HOH to save their lives. There’s also that.

8:30 — The shock when Dani Donato arrives at the jury house is delicious. Dani’s pretty bitter, but she’s dead right that she was playing a far better game than Nicole and that’s why they took her out. Yes. Anyway, the next day, they cue up the video recap of how this past week went down. Obviously, it’s the Cody Show 24/7. And everyone is annoyed by how Nicole keeps skating by and Enzo missed his chance to make a big move. Yeah, that’s what a lot of Big Brother alums think too.

8:45 — Time to vote. Also, it seems like the HOH might be an endurance comp because they are quickly getting to the end of the hour. Sign up for the season 22 live feeds to follow along with it tonight. Anyway, the votes go unanimously for Tyler’s eviction. Yeah, no surprise there.

8:55 — Tyler is pretty congenial about getting evicted and his goodbye messages are all very nice. Yeah, that’s why you gotta get rid of someone as popular as Tyler. He is INCREDIBLY well-liked in the game, so you have to get him out when you can.

8:58 — Well, the HOH endurance comp “Stashing Pumpkins” is definitely going to start on the live show. Whether it comes back on the live feeds is anybody’s guess because CBS has gotten quite stingy in that department in recent years. But keep checking back here to find out who the new HOH is. We’ll update as SOON as we know.

Don’t forget — no Big Brother on Sunday anymore. It now airs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on CBS. Also, it’s not too late to sign up for the season 22 live feeds. Once these houseguests finally have to start turning on each other, things might actually get interesting down the home stretch.

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