‘Big Brother 23’ Week 2 Eviction Prediction

Britini D'Angelo and Brandon 'Frenchie' French are the nominees in week 2 on 'Big Brother 23'

CBS Britini D'Angelo and Brandon 'Frenchie' French are the nominees in week 2 on 'Big Brother 23'

Who will be packing their bags in the “Big Brother” season 23 house this week? Here is our eviction prediction for week two. Be warned of light spoilers ahead for what has been going on in the “Big Brother” house this week.


There Is No Surprise In the Eviction

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There’s always a slim chance that something crazy goes down before the live eviction show on Thursday night, but barring that (which we think is highly unlikely to happen), Brandon “Frenchie” French will be going home. Here’s how we got there.

Head of Household Kyland Young chose Frenchie as his target this week and smartly nominated two people from the same team, Frenchie and Britini D’Angelo. Britini was beside herself at being nominated, but the whole house has been assuring her she’s a pawn and they all love her, so they are not going to vote her out.

Now, the house could always decide to get rid of the likable pawn and keep the bigger threat in the house, evicting Britini and keeping Frenchie, but we just don’t see that happening. Derek Xiao won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it, so that avenue is out and Frenchie is packing his bags.

The Next Head of Household Means Everything

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The house is split into a few factions right now, but almost all of the factions have the same target — Brent Champagne. If Brent wants to stay off the block, he really needs to win Head of Household for week three. Derek Frazier might not nominate Brent, but almost everyone else will.

Three new alliances formed in the house on Wednesday night — The Royal Family, the Mafia, and the Radicals. The Royal Family is real, the Mafia and the Radicals are fake (we think, it’s hard to keep track, honestly).

The Royal Family consists of Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland, Claire Rehfuss, Derek X, Xavier Prather, Christian Birkenberger, Sarah Beth Steagull and Alyssa Lopez. They each gave themselves a royal title to go along with the alliance name.

The Mafia is an alliance between the Aces (Whitney, Brent, Derek X, and Hannah Chaddha) and the Queens (Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland), but it wasn’t a real alliance. They all agreed to it to make Brent feel safe.

The Radicals is an alliance between the Aces and the Kings (Christian, Alyssa, Xavier and Sarah Beth), but again, this feels like a fake alliance to make Brent feel safe.

The wildcards is Britini. It seems like Britini is aligned with the Tiffany/Claire group, but she’s kind of all over the place and she was very loyal to Frenchie. But with Frenchie gone, Britini will most likely just do what the house wants if she wins Head of Household, which is to nominate Brent.

Most likely Brent’s only hope this week is to win Head of Household, though if the right person wins HOH, he might be able to sweet-talk himself from getting nominated. But we’ll have to see how it goes down on the Thursday night live eviction show, airing July 22 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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