‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 36 Recap

Big Brother 23

CBS The "Big Brother 23" final three.

Tonight’s episode of “Big Brother” is the last one remaining before the season finale on Wednesday, September 29.

There’s nothing left to do but compete in the final Head of Household competition of the season which will consist of three rounds, as usual. The winners of the first two rounds will face off in the final round, competing for a guaranteed spot in the final two. The final Head of Household gets to pick who will join them in the final two.

We’ll see the result of round one tonight. Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode. 

8:08 PM EST: Time for Xavier to explain, in his own words, how he thinks he made it to the final three. Xavier knew he had to hide the fact that he’s a lawyer and a former college athlete to minimize the target on his back.

8:10 PM EST: Xavier’s deals and alliances included a final two deal with Big D, the Slaughterhouse, the Royal Flush, The Cookout, and The Gentlemen with Kyland. Xavier had to be a peacekeeper within The Cookout at times. He also strategically threw competitions throughout the game.

8:11 PM EST: Xavier was able to get through his first HOH reign with minimal blood on his hands by going after the house target, Brent.

8:12 PM EST: Xavier was on the block five times but was never the intended target, an impressive feat for a physical threat. He was able to take himself off the block twice by winning the veto.

8:14 PM EST: It’s a testament to Xavier’s social game that he wasn’t one of the first people from The Cookout evicted. He convinced Kyland to target Tiffany instead but then turned on Kyland when he was in power. Xavier also won the final veto competition of the summer, a crucial competition.

8:15 PM EST: Xavier’s pitch for deserving the win is solid. He has a touching personal reason for wanting to win, an impressive competition resume, a strong social game, and good jury management. Next up, Azah will make a case for why she deserves to win. She and Big D are fighting an uphill battle explaining why they deserve to win over Xavier.

8:20 PM EST: As a superfan, Azah wanted to be a comp beast but she soon discovered she wasn’t going to be. She began to play a lowkey game, forming close ties with her teammates on The Jokers and joining The Cookout. She benefitted from having alliance members that were bigger targets than her.

8:22 PM EST: Azah played the role of comforter this season. She was a shoulder to cry on for just about everyone. She thinks everyone in the jury will want to vote for their “best friend Azah” and says a big part of her gameplay was being brutally honest with everyone.

8:23 PM EST: When Azah won HOH, she made her first less-than-honest game move of the season by nominating Hannah for eviction. Azah says that staying under the radar and not putting a target on her back got her a spot in the final three. “I played the most authentic, loyal, and honest game in the house” – Azah.

8:26 PM EST: Azah says she feels like she’s going to win. She can visualize it. Next up, it’s Big D’s turn to explain why he deserves the $750k.

8:30 PM EST: Big D says he knew he wouldn’t be a comp beast, so he relied on his social game. He says his social game is among the best in “Big Brother” history.

8:31 PM EST: Big D says he relied on his charm and personality to make connections with people, such as his early friendship with Frenchie. He made final two deals with Frenchie, Xavier, and Kyland. He wanted the strongest competitors on his side.

8:32 PM EST: Big D says he didn’t need to win any competitions because he was always on good terms with the HOH. He claims his role in The Cookout was putting it together.

8:35 PM EST: Despite getting periodically frustrated with Tiffany, Big D stuck it out and stayed loyal to The Cookout. His biggest move of the season came when he cast the sole vote to evict Kyland, going back on their final two deal.

8:41 PM EST: It’s finally time for some gameplay! Round 1 of the final Head of Household competition happens now. It’s called “Bouncy Boat Bash.”

8:42 PM EST: All the houseguests have to do is hang onto their boats as they move side to side and up and down like a tame mechanical bull. The last one holding on wins. Not sure why they’re called boats though because they look nothing like boats.

8:43 PM EST: The houseguests get sprayed with cold water. Xavier throws some shade by saying this competition seems perfect for Azah and Big D…holding onto a boat is what floaters do best!

8:44 PM EST: Big D says his strategy is to make some love to the boat. He also forgets the word “yeehaw.”

8:45 PM EST: The houseguests are pelted with inflatable sharks.

8:47 PM EST: Xavier is sitting very upright on his boat, compared to Azah and Big D who are lying down.

8:47 PM EST: Big D falls off.

8:53 PM EST: Azah looks very focused and Xavier is slipping. But that’s just Azah’s poker face! Her thighs are burning.

8:54 PM EST: While trying to adjust her position, Azah slips and falls off. Xavier wins round one of the final HOH! He’ll automatically advance to the final comp of the summer. Next, Azah and Big D will face off.

8:55 PM EST: Big D says he has 100% confidence that he can beat Azah in the next competition. However, he’s yet to win a comp.

Tune in for the “Big Brother 23” finale on Wednesday, September 29 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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