‘Big Brother’ 2021 Finale Recap

Big D and Azah Big Brother

CBS Will Big D and Azah both make it to the final two? Or will one of them become the final member of the jury? The 'Big Brother 23' finale is tonight.

Tonight is the “Big Brother 23” finale and everything is riding on the final Head of Household competition.

The final HOH is played in three rounds, and whoever wins round three automatically advances to the final two. The winner also gets to pick who will join them in the finals and who will become the final member of the jury.

Big D had pretty much secured his spot in the final two since both Azah and Xavier planned to take him. But after Big D insulted Azah by saying he carried her through the game, she is reconsidering who she’d take if she wins the final HOH.

So who makes the final two? How will the jury vote? Who wins America’s Favorite Houseguest? And who will be crowned the “Big Brother 23” winner?

Follow along with our live coverage of the finale below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read finale spoilers. 

9:03 PM EST: In the episode intro, we catch a glimpse of Britini looking very happy to see Kyland join the jury.

9:06 PM EST: Round 2 of the final HOH is a giant slot machine. The players, Big D and Azah, will be asked three questions. The correct answer will always be four houseguests. The players must get on top of the giant slot machine and roll the wheels so the correct houseguests’ photos line up. Whichever player answers the questions faster wins.

9:07 PM EST: Azah is up first and she’s been studying her “Big Brother 23” trivia! The first question is: which four individuals won wildcard competitions?

9:08 PM EST: The next question is: which four individuals were the first to survive eviction while on the block?

9:08 PM EST: The last question is: which four houseguests were the first to use the power of veto?

9:11 PM EST: Big D is up and he’s in pain. But he says it’s not in his blood to give up.

9:12 PM EST: Azah beat Big D by a full 7 minutes. She’ll be advancing to the final competition with Xavier.

9:13 PM EST: Julie teases that Big D should probably remember that his fate now rests in Xavier and Azah’s hands. Next up we’re sure to see Big D insulting Azah by saying he carried her this season.

9:17 PM EST: Azah and Xavier cuddle and chat. Big D eavesdrops. He doesn’t like that they’re getting cozy. He feels that Azah owes it to him to take him to the final two because he “carried” her to this point in the game.

9:18 PM EST: Big D tells Azah to her face that if he got to choose who he’d bring to the final two, he’d pick Xavier. He tells Azah he can’t win against her which is strange because he has a better chance of beating her than Xavier.

9:19 PM EST: After being on good terms with Azah all season, Big D picks now, when his fate could be in her hands, to start fighting with her. Azah was all ready to bring Big D to the final two, but now that he’s made it clear he doesn’t respect her game, she’s reconsidering.

9:21 PM EST: Big D vents to Xavier, who looks directly at the camera and says “I was just shaving.”

9:21 PM EST: Azah tells Xavier she might take him to the final two if she wins the final HOH. This worked out great for Xavier.

9:23 PM EST: Big D tells Azah he’s going to regret keeping her in over Kyland and says “you’re welcome, cause you’re here.” He thinks Azah only made it this far because of him.

9:27 PM EST: Aww, we see a quick glimpse of Xavier’s family. His dad is even wearing a wig that looks like his alter ego Lucius’s wig.

9:28 PM EST: The jury guesses that Azah will be next to join them. But it’s Kyland!

9:29 PM EST: Tiffany is surprised to hear that Big D cast the sole vote to evict Kyland.

9:29 PM EST: The jury talks about Xavier’s game. Everyone speaks pretty highly of him. Tiffany does imply that he played a safe game, though. She asks what his big move was besides taking out Kyland. Everyone else says he doesn’t need a big game move.

9:31 PM EST: The jury discusses Azah’s game. Her loyalty and strong relationships are mentioned. Sarah Beth says it’s easy to be honest when you’re not talking and says her social relationships weren’t strategic.

9:32 PM EST: “The best thing I can say about Derek is we have the same name.” – Derek X. DX says Big D got carried the whole game. But Sarah Beth says Derek F. did a good job of throwing people off the Cookout’s trail.

9:33 PM EST: Hannah tells Kyland it’s insulting that he implied she and Big D were interchangeable in the game.

9:38 PM EST: Aww, Azah’s family cheering her on is very cute.

9:39 PM EST: The final competition of the summer is called “Houseguest Headliners.” Azah and Xavier will watch videos with three statements about the former houseguests. They must figure out which of the statements is false.

9:41 PM EST: One point for Xavier! The question was about Azah’s pal Britini but she still got it wrong.

9:42 PM EST: They both get question 2 right. It’s 2-1 with Xavier in the lead.

9:43 PM EST: They both get question 3 right. It’s 3-2.

9:44 PM EST: They both get question 4 right. It’s 4-3.

9:45 PM EST: They both get question 5 right. It’s 5-4.

9:46 PM EST: They both get question 6 right. It’s 6-5.

9:47 PM EST: Xavier knew the right answer immediately, but they both got it right. It’s 7-6. Next up is the last question!

9:48 PM EST: Xavier wins! He’s the final Head of Household and he’s going to the final two!

9:52 PM EST: It’s time for Xavier to make his final two decision.

9:55 PM EST: It’s official, Azah is the last member of the jury. Big D and Xavier are the final two.

9:57 PM EST: In her exit interview, Azah tells Julie that if she had won HOH tonight, she would’ve taken Xavier to the final two. She says she’s not a money-motivated person and wanted to pick someone who was deserving of winning.

10:06 PM EST: Tiffany predicts that juror number nine will be Big D. Sarah Beth says she hopes it’s Big D.

10:08 PM EST: Time for jury questions! This is what Xavier’s bartending career prepared him for! Jk.

10:08 PM EST: Kyland asks Xavier what are the main things that the jury should consider when crowning the first Black winner of “Big Brother.” Seems like a loaded question since Kyland feels that Xavier betraying him was dishonorable. But Xavier handles the question well, saying he played a good game but never made it personal. He never belittled anyone.

10:09 PM EST: Britini asks Big D what are two big decisions in the game he made completely on his own. He says he started The Cookout and always told whoever was HOH to target someone outside The Cookout.

10:10 PM EST: Alyssa asks Xavier what his biggest mistake in the game was. He says it was getting too close with his team members from the Kings, specifically meaning Alyssa and Christian.

10:11 PM EST: “Some in the jury feel you were here for fame over game. How do you respond to that?,” Hannah asks Big D. He doesn’t deny it but says even though he kept people entertained, he still outlasted everyone else.

10:12 PM EST: Derek X asks Xavier to list a strategic move he made that the jury isn’t aware of. Xavier mentions taking a shot at Kyland and strategically throwing an HOH competition to Derek X.

10:13 PM EST: Sarah Beth has a tough question for Big D and asks him what he specifically contributed to The Cookout, besides starting drama that concealed its existence. He says he whispered in the ears of every HOH to make sure the target was always someone outside his alliance.

10:14 PM EST: Azah asks Big D why he deserves the $750k more than Xavier. His response is that he gave the game his all the entire time. He says he put others before himself, being a pawn when needed.

10:21 PM EST: Xavier makes a good point in his final speech: that he balanced his personal game, his team’s game (The Kings), and his alliance’s game the best. He’s the only person who has two former teammates on the jury who weren’t part of The Cookout. He was on the block five times and only had one vote cast against him the entire game. He was a comp beast but still managed to not be perceived as a threat until the end of the game.

10:24 PM EST: Derek X. jokes that he’s casting his vote for both him and Travis. “As Travis always says, if you’re not gonna play the game then why are you here,” he says. He seems to be throwing some shade at Big D.

10:26 PM EST: When Claire casts her vote, she says she loves being proven wrong but doesn’t think she’ll get that pleasure tonight. Seems that she’s saying she was right about Xavier winning.

10:27 PM EST: Kyland says he has “one note” for the finalists: that there are some things that are more important than money. Was he subtly throwing shade at Xavier for betraying him?

10:27 PM EST: Next up we’ll get to see the pre-jury evictees!

10:33 PM EST: The five pre-jury evictees are joining via Zoom.

10:34 PM EST: Christian calls The Cookout the best alliance in “Big Brother” history.

10:35 PM EST: Brent calls Tiffany’s master plan “genius” and says he had no idea she was such a mastermind when he was in the house with her. He says he thought she was just “braiding hair” in the house.

10:36 PM EST: Julie asks Tiffany if she ever thought her master plan wouldn’t work but Tiffany says no. She says that when she made risky moves in the game and almost threw her plan out the window, it was just the “Big Brother” fan in her.

10:37 PM EST: Derek X. says he was “lovestruck from week one” for Travis. He also says he didn’t think he was getting played at any point during the game.

10:38 PM EST: Everyone’s secret careers are revealed, except Xavier’s. Britini’s martial arts background is also revealed.

10:40 PM EST: Big D reveals that he’s the son of Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Xavier is shocked. Big D says he didn’t want the houseguests thinking he was like Frankie Grande.

10:41 PM EST: Xavier reveals that he’s a lawyer.

10:42 PM EST: Britini tells the other houseguests that she was diagnosed with Autism at a young age. She says she didn’t want to disclose it sooner because she wanted everyone to get to know her without a label on her.

10:49 PM EST: Time to crown a winner!

10:50 PM EST: Britini, Derek X., and Sarah Beth vote for Xavier. Claire and Alyssa also vote for Xavier. Xavier wins “Big Brother 23”!

10:51 PM EST: “Let’s go, can’t win nothing!” -Big D

10:51 PM EST: Xavier and Kyland hug. Confetti falls!

10:56 PM EST: The jury voted for Xavier unanimously.

10:56 PM EST: The top two vote-getters for America’s Favorite Houseguest were Derek X. and Tiffany.

10:57 PM EST: Tiffany is America’s Favorite Houseguest! She wins $50,000.

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Larry Diaz
Larry Diaz
1 year ago

I am so glad there are spoliers as I could not watch that lying idiot Big D go on about how much of a valued HG he was this season. It is very hard to believe that he is even the son of Joe Frazier. This season was one of the worst on record and will go down in history as just that…

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