‘Big Brother 23’ Week 9 Eviction Prediction

Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss in the 'Big Brother 23' house

CBS Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss in the 'Big Brother 23' house

Here are the two houseguests who we think are most likely to be evicted from the “Big Brother 23” house in week 9, which is a double eviction live episode, but be warned of spoilers that haven’t yet aired on TV.


The Two Likely Evictions

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It has been an emotional week in the “Big Brother 23” house. Tiffany Mitchell won Head of Household and targeted Alyssa Lopez, only to have Alyssa win the Power of Veto. Tiffany then chose to stay loyal to the Cookout alliance rather than protect her closest ally in the house, Claire Rehfuss.

She used Claire as the replacement nominee and explained to her that what the Cookout is trying to do is too important and so Claire is going to be evicted this week. It was an emotional talk between the two women, but Claire said she understands.

Claire has mounted a decent argument about keeping her and evicting her block-mate, Xavier Prather, instead. Basically, she is telling the house that no one can win sitting next to him. She is convinced he will take Alyssa to the end and win the game easily. She’s right to a certain extent — Xavier will probably win the game sitting next to anybody except Tiffany.

Whether he would take Alyssa to the end or not remains to be seen. It will be very interesting to see how the double eviction plays out.

Alyssa is most likely the person going home in the double eviction after Claire. But if she wins Head of Household or the Power of Veto again, that all goes out the window and then Tiffany sacrificed her friend for nothing.

It’s really a shame that Tiffany didn’t decide to throw the men over in favor of the women this week because that would have been some epic gameplay and fireworks. If she had rallied Azah Awasum and Hannah Chaddha to keep Claire and vote out Xavier, all they would have to do is convince one more person to vote their way. Whether they could have pulled that off is another question, but it would have been fun to watch them try.

The Next Head of Household

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Tiffany and Hannah Chaddha were talking Wednesday night (September 8) about who is going to actually try to win the next Head of Household. Tiffany can’t play, but she expects everyone else in the Cookout to try their hardest. But she and Hannah both wonder if people will throw it because they don’t want to be the one responsible for sending Alyssa home.

Tiffany said she is going to be really mad if Xavier obviously throws the competition just to avoid nominating Alyssa. It should certainly be an action-packed double eviction episode, that’s for sure.

Stay tuned at Heavy for all your “Big Brother” spoilers from the upcoming week, which promises to be full of drama as the Cookout has to start turning on its own.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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Anthony Ruehle
Anthony Ruehle
10 days ago

Just continues to show racism is still going on. IF YOU ARE NOT BLACK, no matter who you are or what we think of you and what you do if your not black you have to go. What is next for big brother? Next season are we going to stack the house with 8-10 gay women so we get a gay women winner? They are setting it up to kill big brother. Funny how you have all this talk about blacks being dissimilated against and looked at as lower class. So Mysteriously Big Brother sets it up for black to win. There is no way this was not cast, NO LONGER REALITY.

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