‘Big Brother 23’ Week 1 Eviction Prediction

Alyssa Lopez and Travis Long on 'Big Brother 23'

CBS Alyssa Lopez and Travis Long on 'Big Brother 23'

It has been a long first week in the “Big Brother 23” house. Brandon “Frenchie” French won the first Head of Household and he has been allllll over the map — the broadcast episodes do not do justice to how insane his HOH reign has been.

Frenchie’s target has changed half a dozen times and he has promised safety to basically every houseguest. But after the Power of Veto ceremony where Derek Xiao chose to remove Kyland Young from the block, Frenchie nominated Travis Long in Kyland’s place and the nominees now stand as Alyssa Lopez and Travis.

Here is our eviction prediction for the first week of “Big Brother” 2021.

Travis Long Is Most Likely Going Home

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Frenchie has said from the beginning that he wanted to get a “meathead” out the first week. It looks like that might actually happen because the house is most likely going to vote to evict Travis, the 22-year-old start-up founder from Hawaii.

There has been some talk between Travis’ teammates Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss to try to keep Travis because that’s one more person who could win Head of Household and keep them all safe alongside Kyland as members of the Queens team.

It will be interesting to see if Travis and his teammates can save him in the roughly 11 hours they have (as of this writing) before the live eviction. Travis has been trying to work on Brent Champagne to convince him to vote Alyssa out. His argument is that Brent and Frenchie need him to stay in the house because he’s a big target that takes the heat off of them, which is not actually a bad argument.

Travis would most likely have Derek X’s vote as well, but that would only give him five votes — Brent, Derek X, Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland. There are 13 total votes this week, so he would need to find two more in order to stay in the house.

We don’t love his chances there, so we think Travis is a goner.

The Next Head of Household

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The house has definitely started to align itself in a variety of ways. Frenchie, Brent, Xavier, Whitney, Alyssa, Christian, Kyland, and Derek F. are the “Slaughterhouse.” They are gunning to send a woman home next week so the numbers stay even.

On the other side of the house is the Cookout, which has overlap with the Slaughterhouse in Xavier, Kyland and Derek F. The Cookout also includes Tiffany, Azah, and Hannah.

Then there is an all-girl alliance called the Kingslayers that includes Tiffany, Claire, Britini and Azah. A separate alliance called the Jackpot is Tiffany, Claire and Sarah Beth. And Sarah Beth and Kyland seem like the absolute most solid duo in the entire house.

So the Slaughterhouse is gunning for a woman and the other side of the house is gunning for a man, most likely. Sarah Beth is campaigning hard to get Derek X out of the house, which is not a great move because he isn’t really aligned with anyone. Keep him around and bring him into the fold, Sarah Beth!

It will be interesting to see which side of the house gets HOH this week. We are hoping for the non-Slaughterhouse side simply because “Big Brother” is always more interesting when the power shifts from week to week. The same group staying in power all summer = boring.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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