‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 29 Recap

Big Brother 23

CBS Derek F. comforts Xavier after Alyssa was evicted during the double eviction.

After Thursday night’s double eviction, The Cookout alliance officially became the final six houseguests on “Big Brother 23.”

After the episode, another Head of Household competition took place. The Cookout will need to take out two of its own before the end of this Thursday’s double eviction.

Who is the new HOH? And who will they nominate tonight? Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:34 PM EST: It’s finally Big Brother time! Tonight’s show had a late start due to football.

8:37 PM EST: The Cookout celebrates making it to the final six. They’re finally able to openly discuss their alliance. It’s just them!

8:39 PM EST: Kyland put up a fight about going on the block next to Alyssa. He thought it was only fair that someone who hadn’t been on the block yet went up instead.

8:40 PM EST: Ultimately though, it was Hannah’s HOH. She decided to name Kyland as the replacement nominee. Even though he knew for a fact he was safe during the last eviction, he was frustrated with Hannah. When Tiffany tried to talk to him and calm him down, he grew even more frustrated.

8:47 PM EST: Tiffany is trying to do damage control with Kyland. She tells him she also didn’t want Hannah to put him on the block. She doesn’t want any bad blood with Kyland going forward. Kyland felt that Hannah put Alyssa’s feelings over his by putting him on the block.

8:49 PM EST: Tiffany and Xavier talk. She’s trying to do damage control with him as well. She knows she upset him by winning HOH last week. She wants to make sure they’re good in case he wins HOH. But in the Diary Room, she admits that she’d go for him first if she won. Xavier pretends they’re all good, but he is considering targeting Tiffany first.

8:51 PM EST: Hannah apologizes to Kyland for putting him up. He accepts the apology but isn’t interested in working with her long-term. The whole Cookout is now paranoid, trying to make sure they’re all okay with each other.

8:52 PM EST: Derek F. tells Xavier he wants to win the next HOH and nominate Hannah and Tiffany. He tells Xavier that if he has to name a replacement nominee, he’d put up Kyland.

8:53 PM EST: Xavier and Kyland talk. They’re discussing a final two deal. In the Diary Room, Kyland says he only wants to go to the end with the best. He thinks the best is Xavier.

8:54 PM EST: Xavier is taking this final two deal seriously as well. He thinks it’s better to have a strong physical competitor with him than against him at this point.

8:56 PM EST: “If we have to have a food fight at The Cookout, let’s get it on and popping.” – Big D

9:00 PM EST: HOH competition time! A scary clucking chicken is here. Houseguests must carry an egg into their chicken coop. But, they are holding the eggs through chicken wire so they must move slowly and carefully, lest they drop their eggs on the ground. Once houseguests get their egg into the coop, they must carefully roll it down a ramp to knock down three levers.

9:02 PM EST: Kyland and Xavier’s two-person alliance is called “The Gentlemen.” Not the best alliance name I’ve ever heard.

9:03 PM EST: Big D struggles to fit his hand through the hole in his coop while holding the egg.

9:04 PM EST: Big D talks to his egg like it’s a runway model.

9:05 PM EST: When it comes to the chicken wire, Kyland is using a different strategy. He carefully drops the egg from one hand to another, saving him time. Tiffany sees Kyland doing well and she feels good about it. She, Hannah, and Kyland recently made a final three deal, calling themselves “The Con Artists.”

9:07 PM EST: Hannah is cheering on Tiffany and Kyland. As the outgoing HOH, she’s ineligible to play.

9:08 PM EST: Xavier and Big D have both knocked down 1 of 3 levers. Kyland has knocked down 2.

9:08 PM EST: Big D and Kyland are tied.

9:09 PM EST: Kyland wouldn’t be mad if Big D won. He knows he won’t target him. Azah knocks down her first lever.

9:10 PM EST: Kyland knocks down his third lever, winning HOH for the third time this season. And he hits himself in the eye with his HOH key.

9:11 PM EST: Big D is bummed to have lost another competition. But if someone had to beat him, he’s glad it was Kyland.

9:15 PM EST: Kyland says the HOH necklace feels the heaviest it’s been all season. He must be the first to take a shot at The Cookout. Tiffany and Hannah both feel good about Kyland being HOH.

9:16 PM EST: Big D says he’s tired of “skating by” in this game. He wants to win comps and be a threat.

9:18 PM EST: Xavier and Kyland talk. Kyland tells Xavier he’s nominating Tiffany and Hannah. He says if he must choose a replacement nominee, he’ll choose Azah.

9:23 PM EST: Tiffany talks to Kyland in the HOH room. She emphasizes that she’s committed to a final three with him and Hannah.

9:24 PM EST: Tiffany tells Kyland that ideally, she’d like to see Xavier and Big D leave first. Tiffany reminds Kyland that Claire is probably in jury right now telling everyone to vote for Xavier.

9:26 PM EST: Hannah’s one-on-one with Kyland. Hannah knows that Kyland is an “information collector.” She says he feels the most comfortable when he is holding all the cards. Kyland asks her how their relationship could progress moving forward if he does have to put her on the block this week, but not as the target. Hannah is smart and knows he’s trying to gauge how loyal she is to Tiffany. So she keeps her cool and says that her main target is Xavier and she plans to take Kyland to the final two.

9:30 PM EST: Kyland has to decide between Xavier and Big D and Tiffany and Hannah. It’s time for the nomination ceremony.

9:31 PM EST: Kyland has nominated Tiffany and Hannah. He says that his decision has nothing to do with a loss of love, “it’s simply a loss of trust.” He openly tells Hannah that she’s nominated because he thinks she would use the veto on Tiffany otherwise. Tiffany is his target.

9:33 PM EST: “Kyland is the smartest idiot I have ever seen.” – Tiffany.

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, September 15 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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