‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 8 Recap

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CBS Xavier's nominations will be revealed in tonight's episode of 'Big Brother.'

In tonight’s episode of “Big Brother“, Xavier’s nominations will be revealed. Plus, it’s time for another Wildcard competition. Who will win tonight and will they be able to secure safety for them and their teammates?

Xavier and last week’s HOH, Kyland, are working together. Kyland is feeling uncertain about Brent and Whitney. The pair declined to promise Kyland safety for the week when he asked about it. Will Xavier put Brent and Whitney on the block tonight?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode

8:04 PM EST: Britini and Brent both say they feel safe from the block this week.

8:05 PM EST: Alyssa and Christian celebrate being safe for the week.

8:07 PM EST: The Kings and the Queens are working together, along with Derek X. from the Aces. They’ve settled on the name “The Royal Flush” for their alliance.

8:08 PM EST: As a member of The Cookout, Azah feels safe with Xavier being HOH. However, she’s worried about her team member, Britini.

8:09 PM EST: Brent seems to think he has a way with the ladies in the house. But Hannah, Whitney, and Alyssa are all growing frustrated with his ego. He told Hannah he can’t be friends with women because he’s always thinking about making a move. “He may think he’s all that and a bag of chips but he’s barely even a cracker.” -Hannah on Brent.

8:11 PM EST: Xavier has narrowed down his options for nominations to Brent, Whitney, and Britini. He is aware that most of the houseguests are getting sick of Brent.

8:12 PM EST: Tiffany tells the cameras that Whitney is next on her list. She likes her on a personal level but doesn’t trust her on a game level.

8:16 PM EST: Time to talk showmances! Hannah has a crush on Derek X. and has been flirting with him. In the diary room, she said she finds him adorable. Derek X. thinks she’s cute and has a great sense of humor.

8:17 PM EST: Sarah Beth thinks Christian, Xavier, and Brent are all crushing on Alyssa.

8:18 PM EST: Alyssa says she and Christian are just friends…friends who cuddle and find each other attractive. We see a clip of her holding hands with Christian and kissing his hand.

8:19 PM EST: Hannah confirms that she and Derek X. threw the HOH competition on purpose. They didn’t want to win and guarantee safety for their entire team, because they want Brent out.

8:20 PM EST: Hannah and Derek X. discuss their plans for the Wildcard competition. Hannah and Brent have already played, so they are not eligible. Hannah asks Derek if he’s going to try to convince Whitney to play this week. Derek says that he wants to play and throw it, in case the Wildcard ensures safety for the winner’s entire team this week.

8:24 PM EST: It’s time for the Wildcard Competition!

8:25 PM EST: Tiffany will be playing for the Queens, Britini will be playing for the Jokers, and Derek X. will be playing for the Aces. Derek X. is making Brent feel like he isn’t a target this week.

8:27 PM EST: Derek X. strategizes with Tiffany and Claire. He tells Tiffany he’ll throw the competition to her. He doesn’t want Britini to win as she’s the logical other nominee option next to Brent.

8:32 PM EST: The Wildcard Competition is called “Unlucky 13.” Players must carry giant playing cards across a wobbly balance beam. Their goal is to place four cards that add up to the number thirteen on their opponents’ cardholders. Players are eliminated when someone successfully places four cards that add up to thirteen on their cardholder.

8:34 PM EST: It’s a game where it’s clear who is going after who. Tiffany and Derek X. are both trying to get Britini out first and she notices this. So does Britini’s friend Derek F.

8:37 PM EST: Britini struggles to figure out which card she needs to add up to thirteen.

8:38 PM EST: Britini is eliminated.

8:39 PM EST: Tiffany wins! And she and Derek X. put on a little show where she apologizes for beating him as if they hadn’t planned it together.

8:40 PM EST: If Tiffany wants safety, she’ll also have to accept a Wildcard caveat: a randomly selected member of the Aces and the Jokers will also be safe. It’s a tough spot seeing as there’s a good chance the result would be Brent and Britini both earning safety. Tiffany already knows she’s safe with Xavier. However, will it put a target on her back to turn down giving some of her fellow houseguests a chance at safety?

8:47 PM EST: Tiffany declines the offer. The path to nominating Brent is still clear.

8:48 PM EST: Brent is out of the loop and feels 100 % safe this week…yikes. Azah is frustrated that Tiffany, her alliance member from The Cookout, was clearly gunning for her teammate Britini in the Wildcard comp.

8:49 PM EST: Xavier tells Tiffany that he doesn’t want to put Brent and Whitney up together. He thinks that if Brent is on the block with Britini, he’ll stay calmer and will campaign less.

8:51 PM EST: Xavier fills Azah in on the plan, but she’s upset. Azah doesn’t want Britini to go on the block again. She tells Xavier she’d rather go up.

8:55 PM EST: Xavier goes to Brent directly to ask him if he’s comfortable with being a pawn. Brent says he’ll go home if he’s put up as he’s simply not pawn material. “I’m simply not a pawn, I’m too big of a threat.” – Brent.

8:57 PM EST: It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Xavier nominates Brent and Britini and says in front of everyone that Britini is the target. Britini begins crying right away…but if she lays low this week, she’ll see that she’s simply a pawn.

Tune in for a new episode of “Big Brother” on Wednesday, July 28 at 8 PM EST

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