‘Big Brother’ 2021: Episode 21 Recap

Sarah Beth and Kyland Big Brother

CBS Tonight on "Big Brother," who will win the Power of Veto?

Tonight on “Big Brother,” Head of Household Sarah Beth and the two nominees for eviction, Claire and Xavier, will compete for the Power of Veto.

Three other randomly selected houseguests will also compete for a chance to change the nominations. Who will win tonight? Will the Power of Veto be used to save Claire or Xavier? And will Sarah Beth go through with her plan to backdoor Derek X.?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:04 PM EST: Aww Alyssa is emotional about accidentally getting her friend Xavier on the block. Don’t feel too bad, Alyssa. X is more loyal to five other people than he is to you.

8:05 PM EST: Sarah Beth is happy with this outcome. The replacement nominee isn’t her buddy Kyland or her backdoor target, Derek X. That means Derek X. might not get a chance to play in the veto.

8:06 PM EST: Xavier comforts Alyssa, telling her that there’s still a Veto competition to be played. Alyssa says she needs a tequila shot.

8:08 PM EST: Claire knows that Derek X. is probably the target this week.

8:10 PM EST: Tiffany is very sad to hear that Derek X. is in danger of hitting the block.

8:11 PM EST: Sarah Beth tells Alyssa about the backdoor plan. Alyssa can’t contain her enthusiasm about the prospect of helping to avenge Christian and wants to play in the Veto competition.

8:14 PM EST: Only sweet baby DX would confront Sarah Beth about potentially backdooring him by hugging her and saying, “I’m sorry to badger you.”

8:15 PM EST: Derek X. asks Sarah Beth how she wants the Veto used. She gives him very little information, simply stating she wants to win so she can decide for herself. DX really regrets not playing Chopping Block Roulette.

8:16 PM EST: The “nomance” Hannah and Derek X. are cuddling in the HOH bed. Hannah feels bad that she persuaded DX not to play Chopping Block Roulette and is hoping she can still somehow protect him this week.

8:18 PM EST: Sarah Beth randomly selects Azah to play for the Veto. Azah hopes to win and take Xavier off the block.

8:18 PM EST: Claire randomly selects Derek…F. Oof.

8:19 PM EST: Xavier randomly selects Alyssa. Good news for him, terrible news for Derek X, who now has no chance to protect himself this week.

8:20 PM EST: Claire gets emotional in the Diary Room about the idea of sitting on the block next to her friend, Derek X. She knows that both Alyssa and Azah would save Xavier if they won the Veto. The odds are stacked against her and especially against DX.

8:24 PM EST: This Power of Veto comp is called “Dominoes Effect.” Houseguests must set up a chain of giant dominoes. Some of the dominoes are green, representing prizes. Others are red, representing punishments. Houseguests must choose three out of five punishments. Certain punishments might make for a longer dominoes route. The houseguest who knocks over all their dominoes the fastest wins.

8:24 PM EST: Alyssa is up first. She feels pretty good about her performance.

8:26 PM EST: Derek F. is just here to win some prizes, baby! He knows he’s safe this week and is going for the cash.

8:27 PM EST: Derek F.’s dominoes get stuck and he has to go back and reset.

8:28 PM EST: Azah meets the same fate. Her dominoes get stuck and she has to reset.

8:30 PM EST: One of the punishments Sarah Beth chooses is BB Bucks Bankruptcy, which costs the houseguest all of their BB bucks. “America can wipe their butt with the BB bucks. They don’t give them to me anyways,” Sarah Beth says. Wow, tell us how you really feel! Sarah Beth knocks all of her dominoes down on the first try.

8:30 PM EST: Xavier is up next. He jokes that he’s used to throwing comps, but can’t throw this one. Too risky.

8:32 PM EST: Claire is hoping that avoiding the “Third Nominee” punishment doesn’t cost her too much time.

8:38 PM EST: Derek X. reveals that someone went for prizes instead of the Veto. Everyone knows it was Derek F., and Azah is frustrated with him.

8:38 PM EST: Xavier has won the Power of Veto but it also comes with several punishments: BB Bankruptcy, Strategy Shutdown, and Third Nominee. Xavier will become the third nominee at some point in the future.

8:40 PM EST: Claire cries in the shower. Derek X. comforts her., telling her she’s good and he’s the target. She says she knows but is crying at the thought of him going home.

8:41 PM EST: Claire tells Tiffany she feels like she let her down. Tiffany tells her that isn’t true. She says it’s her worst-case scenario to see her friends Claire and Derek X. on the block together.

8:46 PM EST: The houseguests are going to help pack bags of resources for the American Red Cross.

8:48 PM EST: Kyland says he’s volunteered for the Red Cross before.

8:48 PM EST: “If you give back it makes you a hotter person,” – Derek F. Yes, Big D!

8:49 PM EST: And now that we’re feeling charitable, it’s almost time for a vicious backdoor!!

8:50 PM EST: Tiffany’s wheels are turning. She loves Claire but knows Derek X. is more valuable to her game since he’s a better competitor. She gets an idea to convince Sarah Beth to put up Hannah instead of Derek X. She knows The Cookout will keep Hannah safe over Claire, but Sarah Beth doesn’t. And SB has wanted to target Hannah in the past, so she could conceivably go for it.

8:52 PM EST: Derek X. goes to Sarah Beth with the proposal. He offers her safety for several weeks if she nominates Hannah instead of him. He tells SB that if Hannah leaves, she and Kyland would become his closest allies. He also says that he can’t be the one to take a shot at Hannah, so if someone else does, it’s good for him.

8:56 PM EST: It’s time for the Veto meeting!

8:57 PM EST: Unsurprisingly, Xavier uses the Power of Veto on himself. And Sarah Beth goes through with her plan to name Derek X. as a replacement nominee.

8:59 PM EST: Is Derek X. crying making anyone else cry?! He apologizes to America for letting them down. He feels he’s squandered the BB bucks he’s been given but vows to fight hard to stay this week.

Tune in for the live eviction tomorrow, August, 26 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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