EXCLUSIVE: Talking ‘Big Brother 23’ With Christie Murphy

Big Brother Christie Murphy

Youtube "Big Brother 21" alum Christie Murphy told Heavy who she would target this season and which houseguest has pleasantly surprised her.

Christie Murphy was a force to be reckoned with on “Big Brother 21.” The Staten Island native placed sixth after being nominated for eviction five times in a row.

She is best remembered for her solid friendship with fellow houseguest Tommy Bracco, her spirituality, her strategic gameplay, and brilliantly blowing up Nick Maccarone’s game on Taco Tuesday.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Murphy and get her thoughts on this season of “Big Brother.” She revealed who she would target if she were in the “Big Brother” house this summer and who she thinks could win it all.

Murphy’s Take on Frenchie

Murphy is uniquely situated to analyze what went wrong with Frenchie’s HOH reign as she also won the first Head of Household competition during her season. While Murphy made it to the jury house, Frenchie was evicted in week two.

The difference between my first week and Frenchie’s is that when I became HOH, I didn’t have a target at all and I didn’t want to have a target,” Murphy said. “I let the rest of the houseguests tell me who was causing the most trouble or who they felt was the most annoying to live with. Kat just cried for the entire first week so I was like she’s a liability, she’s an easy nom.”

Murphy was referring to Kat Dunn, who she nominated alongside Cliff Hogg. The Power of Veto was used on Cliff and Murphy selected Ovi Kabir as the replacement nominee, since he had won a special power. Ovi was evicted. 

I let my target kind of fall in my lap whereas Frenchie had like fourteen targets in the first three hours,” Murphy told Heavy. “He made so many promises and so many guarantees within the first ten minutes of moving in. I was really focused on making bonds and friendships rather than making alliances right away.”

Why Murphy Likes the BB23 Teams Twist

Big Brother 23” has split the houseguests up into four teams. Murphy told Heavy that a few years ago, she probably would’ve hated the teams twist as a fan. But now that she’s been on the show, she sees the twist’s potential to shake up the game.

After watching my season back and seeing how quickly my alliance Gr8ful was formed and how it was so predictable and made everyone want to root for the underdog so bad, I don’t like when huge alliances form right away,” Murphy said. “I think implementing the teams twist prevents a huge monopoly alliance from forming from the jump.” 

Who Is Murphy Rooting For?

Murphy says that Tiffany is probably her favorite houseguest right now. She thinks Tiffany and Kyland have a good shot at making it far in the game. “I would love to see a woman go far this year, I’d love to see a woman winner,” she told Heavy. If Murphy were in the house this year, she’d want to align with Tiffany, Claire, Xavier, Sarah Beth, and Kyland.

Some of her initial perceptions of houseguests have changed since the cast list was first revealed. “I really had high hopes for Frenchie. He gave me Donny vibes (from “Big Brother 16″) and I liked that he was a little older and was a superfan who seemed to know the game really well. So he really let me down,” Murphy said.

She’s also pleasantly surprised by Claire. “I misread her at first because I thought she was actually going to be a little bit annoying and now I love her. She’s very under the radar, she doesn’t have any target on her yet but she’s creating really good relationships,” Murphy told Heavy. She feels connected to Claire as they were both alternates and they’re both New York natives who have dated men and women. 

Who Would Murphy Target?

Murphy says that if she were on “Big Brother 23“, she’d go after Christian and Alyssa. “It sucks because I like Christian a lot, but people that are likable in the beginning are the most dangerous,” she told Heavy.

She referenced Jackson Michie, the winner of her season. “Jackson was this Southern charming cowboy in boots and all the girls liked him and he wound up in a really serious showmance and he won,” Murphy said. In the most recent episode of “Big Brother“, Alyssa and Christian were seen holding hands and getting cozy in the hammock. 

How ‘Big Brother’ Surprised Murphy

Murphy was a fan of “Big Brother” long before she became a houseguest. But if we learned anything from Frenchie, it’s that superfans make mistakes too. “Any strategy that I had going in was completely out the window by week two. No matter how well you know the game and no matter how long you’ve watched the show, it completely changes once you’re in there,” she told Heavy.

“I thought I was gonna be more cutthroat and have more control over my paranoia and I didn’t. One of my biggest allies early on was Nick and he’ll still torture me to this day by being like ‘I had your back so hard and you just didn’t believe me”, Murphy said. 

What would Murphy do differently if she were on the show again? “I definitely had a big mouth, all I did was voice every opinion I had, every thought I had. I fricking won a secret power and told the whole house and used it as leverage to threaten people. So I would just say less,” she said, laughing.

Murphy’s Boutique Business Is Booming

After her time on “Big Brother” ended, Murphy got right back to work running her very own boutique, Mystic Earth. The exposure she got from the show allowed her to expand. She now ships orders to customers all over the country.

“It went from a tiny little neighborhood store to a bigger online platform,” Murphy told Heavy. Mystic Earth just celebrated its five-year anniversary. Murphy is already looking ahead to arrivals for the fall and holiday collection. 

Murphy gained more from her “Big Brother” experience than a bigger customer base, she also made lifelong friendships on the show. She recently watched the BB23 season premiere with her fellow BB21 alums Holly Allen, Tommy Braco, Nick Maccarone, Nicole Anthony, and Analyse Talavera.

I see past seasons and I really don’t see as many authentic friendships as there are in my season. We did get a bad reputation for division and it’s assumed that a lot of us don’t hang out,” Murphy told Heavy. “But you’re able to see people through a different lens once the game is out of the equation. I’m really lucky to have them.”

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