Inside the ‘Big Brother 23’ Cast’s Epic New Photoshoot

Big Brother 23 cast

CBS The "Big Brother 23" cast on finale night.

Big Brother 23″ might be over but the cast is still hanging out and delighting fans with their shenanigans on social media.

Photographer Philip Alan just shared some photos he took of The Cookout, minus Derek F and plus Derek X, and the BB23 cast is looking fierce. 21-year-old grad student Hannah Chaddha sports a new short haircut and a hot pink pantsuit in the photos. Azah Awasum matched her in a pink dress and Tiffany Mitchell rocked a red sweater and skirt set. “Philip you snapped,” Chaddha commented on the post.

Although Derek Xiao made appearances in the shoot, the focus seems to have been on the Cookout. He shared an Instagram story of the historic alliance working it for the camera and wrote, “Nah it’s cool guys I can just watch.”

Xiao has already proven that the sense of humor he exhibited on “Big Brother” extends to social media. After a fan tweeted a screenshot of Xiao making a joke on Instagram with the caption, “Why is he like this??”, Tiffany Mitchell retweeted it and wrote, “Lol @derekxbb23 literally can not help but to be funny.”

Xiao Went Shopping With Xavier and Kyland

Before the photoshoot, Xiao went on a little shopping spree with Kyland Young and the winner of “Big Brother 23,” Xavier Prather. On his Instagram story, Xiao joked that he thought Prather, a model, was “one of the mannequins for a second.”

Xiao also asked his followers what style Young should wear. One fan answered, “A muzzle 😂 jk jk!!” The response was an allusion to Young’s tendency to talk a lot on “Big Brother,” something even Zingbot called him out for. Xiao reposted the fan’s zing and added, “a mask a day keeps Kyren away 😂.”

Young earned the nickname “Kyren” after “Big Brother” fans found old tweets of his complaining about bad customer service. It led to the hashtag #KyComplains. Young has seen the Twitter thread and has had a good sense of humor about it.

The Cast Isn’t Afraid to Tease Each Other

Chaddha referred to the Cookout as her “brothers and sisters” during an Instagram live and it’s easy to see that this cast really does think of each other as family. And of course, brothers and sisters aren’t afraid to poke fun at each other!

It seems that Chaddha was also with the boys on their shopping spree because she shared a photo of Prather with his bags on her Instagram story, writing, “I really be shopping like I won the 750k.” In another story, she joked that since Prather is “rich now,” hopefully he’ll pay her medical school tuition.

Many of the BB23 alums are now on Cameo, a service that allows fans to pay for personal messages from celebrities and reality television stars. Derek Xiao shared a screenshot of his booking receipt for a Cameo from Claire Rehfuss.

“So excited for my cameo from this child of god,” Xiao wrote. Rehfuss reposted the story, writing, “This feels like hazing. Julie would want you to be kind!!!!!! 👀👀,” referring to Julie Chen Moonves’s frequent message to “Big Brother” houseguests and viewers.

Xiao then commented on an Instagram photo of Rehfuss writing, “Stunning! But still waiting on that cameo.. 🙄.” Rehfuss responded, “maybe if you hadn’t made such a complicated request……..”

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