‘Big Brother 23’ Alum Didn’t Voice Cookout Suspicions Over ‘Fear of Being Dragged’

Big Brother 23

CBS "Big Brother 23" contestants compete in the OTEV competition.

A “Big Brother 23″ alum has revealed when they started to catch onto The Cookout alliance and why they didn’t voice their suspicions earlier.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, 25-year-old Claire Rehfuss answered a question about whether she caught onto The Cookout alliance during her time in the house.

Look I left and that night I wrote in my journal “….is there an all Black player alliance?” So I never had it 100% figured out,” Rehfuss said, referring to a journal entry she wrote after her eviction from the “Big Brother” house.

That said there were moments where I could sort of see the light and knew that I would be leaving soon,” she continued. “I knew even if there wasn’t an official Cookout that the momentum would likely carry and I’d probably be going sooner than later just because I would so obviously stand out as the last white person. I think I was one or two very open and frank conversations with Derek away from figuring it out. There were definitely moments when I wanted to talk to the feeds about my paranoia (mainly the week Christian was leaving) but didn’t out of fear of being dragged if I was wrong.” 

Rehfuss added that despite her suspicions, “honestly the Cookout was just VERY well hid because there were so many rifts.” Rehfuss was close with Tiffany Mitchell on the show. Mitchell was a member of The Cookout but had disagreements with several of her alliance members including Derek Frazier and Azah Awasum.

Rehfuss Gave Advice to Future Houseguests

In the same Ask Me Anything thread, Rehfuss offered advice to future houseguests, including “assume all of your allies have other allies and be proactive about it.” She also confessed that she didn’t pack enough clothing, particularly loungewear.

Rehfuss said that crying in the “Big Brother” house is a given. “Buy waterproof mascara. But don’t worry how you look so much, guys have an advantage cause they aren’t doing makeup for 2 hours and can have more conversations,” she said. 

Rehfuss Is Now Dating a Fellow ‘Big Brother 23’ Alum

Although they were just friends on the show, Rehfuss and Derek Xiao announced that they are in a relationship shortly after the season ended. The couple was able to really get to know each other once they were in the jury house away from the cameras.

“Once you’re off-camera, that’s when you really, really get to know who a person is and you can really be vulnerable and you can really be open and really talk about a lot of things from your life,” Rehfuss told Us Weekly.

Recently, the couple has been exploring New York City together. Rehfuss shared an Instagram photo of her and Xiao on Central Park with the caption “fun fact: The last time I was in Central Park was filming my intro package that was played during the BB23 premiere! I took Derek on a tour of all the spots we filmed at.”

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