‘Big Brother’: Did the Cookout Alliance Accidentally Reveal Themselves?

Big Brother 23

CBS The Cookout alliance didn't realize another houseguest could hear their conversation.

The Cookout alliance has stayed under the radar throughout all of “Big Brother 23.” Now, as they’re so close to their goal of getting to the final six together, have they accidentally let the cat out of the bag?

On the live feeds, Tiffany and Kyland were having a conversation about “the six,” also known as The Cookout. But what they didn’t know was that Alyssa was in the room, sleeping under the covers! Alyssa is one of only three remaining houseguests who knows nothing about The Cookout.

Once Kyland realized Alyssa was there, he pointed it out to Tiffany, who then hit Kyland with a sock. “When did you realize that,” she demanded. Kyland responded that he just realized in the last five minutes.

Luckily for Tiffany and Kyland, Alyssa seems to have actually been sleeping, so she didn’t hear them. Imagine if after all the secrecy this season, that was how The Cookout was discovered?

It’s not the first time Tiffany has been less than discreet. Remember when she mentioned The Royal Flush to Derek X. right in front of Hannah who had no idea about it?

What Does Next Week Look Like for The Cookout?

With Sarah Beth almost certainly being evicted tonight, the only non-Cookout houseguest who can compete in tonight’s HOH competition is Alyssa (As the current secret HOH, Claire is ineligible to compete).

Xavier and Alyssa are tight, and so far it seems like he’s managed to convince her that targeting Claire is a good idea. So even if Alyssa wins HOH, she might just do The Cookout’s bidding for them this week. The only way for Alyssa to truly shake up the house would be to win HOH and put two members of The Cookout on the block.

If The Cookout pulls an HOH win out tonight (and the odds are in their favor to do so), they’ll likely target Alyssa over Claire. Alyssa has proven to have a slightly better chance of winning competitions. However, if Xavier wins HOH, he probably won’t want to nominate his friend Alyssa.

The Week 11 HOH Competition Is Crucial

Assuming that The Cookout can stay in power and evict Claire and Alyssa these next two weeks, they’ll be the final six. That’s when things could really get interesting. A lot is riding on who wins Head of Household in week 11.

It seems that right now, Kyland might be the biggest target for the other Cookout members. He’s won two HOHs which makes him a possible winner. He also alienated some of his alliance members with his actions this week. He agreed to go on the block next to Sarah Beth and then asked Hannah to use the veto on him. Tiffany and Hannah are both suspicious of him.

If Kyland wins HOH again in week 11, who would he target? Tiffany? Xavier? Hannah? At this point in the game, everyone is thinking about who they could beat in the final two.

It would be interesting to see Azah win HOH. She wants to work with Tiffany and Hannah but also has great relationships with Xavier and Big D. She’d almost definitely nominate Kyland but who else would she put on the block?

Tune in for the live eviction tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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