‘Big Brother 23’ Runner-up Derek Frazier & BB19 Alum Brawl on Twitter

Derek F Big brother

CBS Derek Frazier on "Big Brother 23."

Derek Frazier is back on social media after winning $75,000 for placing second on “Big Brother 23.

Frazier has gotten flack on social media both for his treatment of women in the house and his gameplay, which many “Big Brother” fans feel was lazy. Josh Martinez, the winner of “Big Brother 19” and a current contestant on “The Challenge,” has tweeted about Frazier’s gameplay in the past.

On the night of the “Big Brother 23” finale, Frazier tweeted “Derek F end game is horrible” and “That man just said he started the cookout what show we watching 😂” in response to Frazier taking credit for starting The Cookout while answering jury questions.

On October 12, Frazier threw some shade of his own at Martinez. “Watching you on the challenge is a joke. You’ve talked about me, but you are all talk🤣. I would love to do a hall brawl against you,” he tweeted at Martinez, referring to a popular competition on “The Challenge.”

Martinez Clapped Back

Martinez responded to Frazier in a tweet, writing, “Lol Derek you t talked about me all szn and the fans would tag me 😂 This attempt hasn’t worked in the past it won’t get you cast sorry. But wishing you all the best bro 😉🤙🏼.”

Frazier replied, “Josh, I am not starting drama with you for clout or any of that. We all talked about past houseguest in the house and I’m sorry if you felt slighted by that. If you wanna talk just DM me but if not I wish you the best of luck too.”

During “Big Brother 23,” Frazier was seen getting upset on the live feeds after the other houseguests compared him to Martinez.

Frazier Has Told His Haters to ‘Chill’

Frazier had a good sense of humor about people criticizing his gameplay, up to a point. When he retweeted a video poking fun at him with laughing emojis, a Twitter user replied, “Don’t try to laugh with us we laughing at you.” But Frazier assured the user that he was “laughing at myself” and included the hashtag “#unbothered.”

But when the hate went too far, Frazier spoke up. “Listen, I don’t mind all the hate, it’s whatever , but I definitely don’t support someone telling me “Derek F you shouldn’t be alive” come on guys,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, Frazier added, “chill the f**k out. Saying things like that is crossing the line. I WONT STAND OR SUPPORT that S**T.”

Could a New ‘Big Brother’ Romance Be Brewing?

Some “Big Brother 23” alums have been hanging out nonstop since the season finale on September 29. Derek Xiao, Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, and Hannah Chaddha have been staying at the singer and social media guru Todrick Hall’s house.

Other “Big Brother” alums have shown up to surprise the group and hang out. Among these alums were Da’Vonne Rogers, Bayleigh Dayton, and Rohan Kapoor from “Big Brother Canada.”

Breydon White of “Big Brother Canada” caused quite a stir when he tweeted a photo of Hannah and Rohan cuddling under a blanket with Beyonce’s face on it.

“Not RoHannah being real I-,” Breydon captioned the tweet. Hannah retweeted the photo, writing, “the beyoncé blanket is simply sending me.” Rohan then added, “you’re sending me.”

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