Kyland Young of ‘Big Brother 23’ Opens Up About Being Neurodivergent

Kyland Young Big Brother

CBS Kyland Young on 'Big Brother 23.'

Kyland Young was part of the six-person Cookout alliance on “Big Brother 23.”

He was a formidable competitor throughout the game, winning Head of Household three times and the Power of Veto twice. He also ruffled some feathers during his time in the “Big Brother” house. Most notably, when he implied that Xavier Prather had let down his nephew by breaking their final two deal.

30-year-old Young also irritated his alliance members when he asked Power of Veto holder Hannah Chaddha to take him off the block in week 8 even though The Cookout had all agreed he should sit next to Sarah Beth Steagall on eviction night. After Steagall’s eviction, she said in exit interviews that she felt Young had told her unnecessary lies during the game.

In a December 27 Instagram post, Young opened up about his experience as a neurodivergent person and said that as he learns more about how his brain works, he’s had to “re-examine every single difficult interaction I’ve had in my entire life with family, friends, teachers, girlfriends, coworkers, etc.”

Young Said The Ways in Which He Is Different Have ‘Bothered or Even Hurt’ Some People

Young opened his Instagram post with a  quote he had recently come across — “When you don’t move like everyone else, it bothers people.” He explained that although he knew the quote probably wasn’t specifically talking about neurodivergent people, that’s what it made him think of.

“I’ve always been different, but it’s only in these most recent years of my adulthood that I’ve truly started to see how being as different as I am can confuse people I interact with to the point of them feeling bothered or even hurt,” Young wrote.

He added that “One of the (MANY) blessings of being different, is that I’m relatively unbothered when I see others who are neurodivergent – whether in the same or different ways I am. My mind tends to default to them not being wrong or lesser, nor assuming any ill-intent, but instead gives the benefit of the doubt.”

Young closed the post by saying he was not trying to take away accountability “from anyone, especially myself” and apologized to anyone he has wronged. “To anyone I may have bothered or worse, know I am sorry for how I may have hurt you,” Young wrote.

According to WebMD, neurodiversity often refers to people with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other learning disabilities.

‘Big Brother 23’ Alums Supported Young in the Comments

Brent Champagne, who Tiffany Mitchell has received criticism for staying friends with, commented on Young’s post. “The worst thing in life, is being just like everyone else. Stay true to who you are my friend. I appreciate you,” Champagne commented.

“I love you !!!” wrote Derek Frazier. Tiffany Mitchell commented two heart emojis. She and Young have maintained a very close friendship outside the house. On December 18, she shared an Instagram photo of Young with her grandmother who raised her, Mama Pat.

Mitchell also shared a photo of a Tiffany & Co. necklace shaped like a crown. “Only a King would gift a Queen such a crown 👑 🤍,” she captioned the photo.

Although some “Big Brother 23” fans speculated that the necklace was a gift from Young, it seems more likely that it was from Xavier Prather. Not only does Prather have some extra money to burn as the winner of “Big Brother 23,” but he was also a member of the Kings team, which is what Mitchell’s caption seems to allude to.

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