‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds: Hannah Admits to Crushing on Derek X.

Hannah Big brother 23

CBS Hannah confessed to having a crush on Derek X. on the "Big Brother" live feeds.

Showmances are nearly inevitable in the “Big Brother” house. All that time spent together in isolation, scheming and strategizing, with emotions running high? It’s a powderkeg for passion.

But being in a showmance can put a giant target on your back as other houseguests assume couples will always choose each other over any other ally. Some “Big Brother 23” houseguests have already declared a distaste for showmances.

Hannah, a 21-year-old graduate student, was recently caught on the live feeds confiding to Britini that she has a crush on Derek X. “I do have a crush on Derek X., I must admit,” she said. “He knows it too. But I’m not here for a showmance you know.”

While a showmance is not part of Hannah’s strategy, it’s only week one. If she and Derek X. are lucky enough to be in the house together for a long time, anything could happen.

Showmances Have Already Affected BB23 Gameplay

Alyssa Lopez found herself targeted this week for simply looking like she might have a flirtation with Christian. Head of Household Frenchie was unable to nominate Christian after he won safety in the Wildcard competition, so he targeted Alyssa instead, who he perceived as Christian’s love interest. It seems that as long as Frenchie is in the house, showmances are in danger.

Alyssa was blindsided at the nomination ceremony and asked Frenchie what his reasons were for nominating her. Frenchie soon realized he had misjudged the nature of Alyssa’s relationship with Christian and found himself scrambling for a new target. He settled on Derek X., but Derek won the Power of Veto. He used the power to get back in Frenchie’s good graces and take Kyland off the block.

Some Other BB23 Houseguests Have Gotten Cozy

Christian and Whitney were seen getting cozy on the hammock in the live feeds. However, Christian had previously questioned Whitney’s gameplay on the live feeds, before he was personally acquainted with her.

Christian told Derek X. and Travis that he heard Whitney tell Frenchie that if she were in his position, she would nominate a guy and a girl from the losing team and then backdoor someone. Christian was upset that she had said this in front of him, as he was on the losing team of the challenge.

During the same conversation, Derek X. criticized Whitney’s gameplay during their first challenge as a team. “Whitney was like, shaking, like not able to pick up the pieces,” he said.

Who Will Be Evicted Tonight?

After Derek X. Used the Power of Veto to take Kyland off the block, Frenchie went through with his original plan of targeting a “meathead” and chose Travis as the replacement nominee.

That leaves Alyssa and Travis on the block. So who goes home? The teams twist keeps it interesting, making it more likely that the house will not vote unanimously. Alyssa and Travis’s teammates have a vested interest in keeping them safe. Travis has been doing some campaigning, telling Brent and Frenchie they should keep him so he’ll be a bigger target in the house ahead of them.

A whole crop of alliances has already formed (The Cookout, the Slaughterhouse, the Kingslayers, etc.), but it will be interesting to see which alliances survive the first few weeks.

Find out who’s going home first during tonight’s live eviction, at 8 PM EST.

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