Tiffany Mitchell Tells ‘Big Brother 23’ Fans to ‘Stop Fighting Our Battles’

Tiffany Big Brother

CBS Tiffany Mitchell placed sixth on Big Brother 23 and won America's Favorite Houseguest.

Big Brother 23” is officially over but fans have been pleased by how active the cast has been on social media following their release back into the real world.

From finale night on September 29 until October 4, many of the season 23 alums were staying at singer and social media personality Todrick Hall’s house. It appears that Hannah, Azah, Tiffany, Kyland, and Derek X. stayed the longest, based on Instagram photos.

The members of the Cookout alliance did an Instagram live during their stay, with Xavier joining in from a different location. Some fans tuning in had concerns about how the women of the Cookout were treated by the men.

Hannah Chaddha acknowledged that Kyland, Azah, and Xavier all played a role in evicting her, but said there was no bad blood. “I still love them a lot. I gained five brothers and sisters,” she said.

Tiffany Mitchell added, “And it was a game that we all signed up for! There are no rules to this, and we all played the game that we wanted to play with each other. There is no love lost. So ya’ll can stop fighting our battles. We good here.”

Derek F. Claims the Cookout Women Let Him Use the ‘B-Word’

Derek Frazier of the Cookout has gotten some flack for his treatment of the women in the house and specifically for calling women b****es in the game. In a group interview with Entertainment Tonight, Frazier claimed that he asked the women in the group if he could use that word.

He said the women told him, “it’s fine if you say it, but nobody else better say it.”

“I came in this house forgetting that there’s cameras and a lot of people know that I say what I want, and I have no filter. And each of these individuals I look at them as family, so when I talk to them, I talk to them like if I’m talking at home,” Frazier added.

Much of Frazier’s frustration throughout the season was directed at his own alliance member, Mitchell. But she says she has no problems with Frazier, even after hearing some of the things he said behind her back in the game.

“I don’t care what Big D has said about me, I love him,” Mitchell said on Entertainment Tonight. “We are family, we are going to be family. He has not said anything I have not heard before.”

Frazier Also Apologized to Azah

During the Entertainment Tonight interview, Frazier also apologized to Azah Awasum. Frazier and Awasum were friends throughout the season, but their relationship got rocky at the very end when Frazier told Awasum he felt he had carried her throughout the game.

As Frazier spoke about her, Awasum stared straight ahead and gave a tight-lipped smile. “Azah is amazing,” Frazier said. “She’s a very beautiful and smart woman. And she’s a very good friend to me, and all I can do is hope that maybe one day she will find it in the kindness of her heart to allow me to show that same thing back to her.”

“I’m always someone that’s a forgiving person. I accept your apology,” Awasum said.

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