Tiffany Mitchell Tells Outraged ‘Big Brother 23’ Fans to Focus On Themselves

Tiffany Mitchell Big Brother

CBS Tiffany Mitchell of 'Big Brother 23.'

Since “Big Brother 23” came to a close on September 29, 2021, the cast has remained close, often sharing glimpses into their reunions on social media.

Right after the season ended, much of the cast enjoyed an extended stay at musician and YouTuber Todrick Hall’s house. Since then, various cast members have gotten together in Tampa, Philadelphia, New York City, and more. Although “Big Brother” fans are happy to see the cast hanging out, some people aren’t thrilled that certain BB23 alums have been welcomed by the group.

During the season, the houseguests were open about not loving Brent Champagne’s behavior in the house. He was backdoored mostly because he was getting on everyone’s nerves, especially the women. Hannah Chaddha of The Cookout alliance didn’t mince words in her goodbye message to Champagne, calling him “arrogant.”

Alyssa Lopez and Whitney Williams also expressed frustration with Champagne’s behavior during the show. Now that the cameras are no longer rolling, 29-year-old Champagne seems to be getting along well with most of the cast. However, some fans aren’t as forgiving as the “Big Brother 23” cast.

Tiffany Mitchell Is Getting Heat from Fans for Associating With Brent Champagne

America’s Favorite Houseguest Tiffany Mitchell recently got some heat on Twitter for interacting with Champagne. Although Mitchell never tried to hide that she is on good terms with Champagne — she’s shared photos and videos of get-togethers where Champagne was present multiple times — a recent Twitter interaction between the pair got fans worked up.

When Champagne announced that he had joined Twitter, Mitchell replied with a reference to a viral TikTok sound. “Big Brother” fans then began replying to Mitchell, with one Twitter user calling Champagne a “sexual harasser.” When one fan pointed out that people should “attack Brent not Tiffany,” another user replied that Mitchell has “been being a weirdo.”

Mitchell Told Angry Fans to Focus On Themselves

Not one to be intimidated by online haters, Mitchell tweeted about the backlash she received. “Never in MY LIFE has anyone ever been able to tell me who I can and can not be friends with, just ask my mama. Focus on yourself and your relationships,” she tweeted

When a Twitter user accused her of “riding for Brent and Frenchie,” Mitchell replied, “What you misunderstand here is that I’m riding for TIFFANY. I will do what I want not what anyone tries to make me do. I hope this clears up you and everyone else’s confusion.”

Brandon “Frenchie” French also received criticism for tweeting about Champagne joining Twitter. He posted a Twitter thread about fans not truly understanding what being on “Big Brother” is like.

“From the outside looking in you would never understand. From the inside looking out it’s hard to explain…. I learned it’s easy to sit on a couch and judge bb players and their game. Once you walk through those doors it’s a whole different animal,” he wrote. “It’s also funny how some fans try to dictate who as players we can or can’t hang out with or be friends with. The whole point is you don’t actually know these players.”

Why Are Fans Angry With Brent Champagne?

Champagne was flirty in the “Big Brother” house, most notably with Hannah Chaddha, but his advances weren’t welcome. One Twitter user put together a compilation video of instances where Champagne was touching Chaddha in a way that seemed to make her visibly uncomfortable.

At one point during season 23, Champagne told Chaddha that he wasn’t sure if men could be friends with women. “Men, we will always take an opportunity to make a pass with someone we find attractive,” he said. In the diary room, Chaddha called the comments “sick” and “egotistical.”

In another tweet on December 13, Mitchell wrote, “I forgot, y’all so perfect. Well, I am not, never have been, and have messed up PLENTY of times in my life. Life has given me way more than one shot and being a mature adult, I understand what that means. Put that energy into controlling the lives of your friends, not me.”

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