‘Big Brother 23’ Week 11 Power of Veto Competition Results

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CBS Who won the Power of Veto on this week's episode of "Big Brother?"

It’s official: “Big Brother 23” is down to the final four. Last week, Tiffany and Hannah left the house back to back in the second double eviction of the season.

After the double eviction, Xavier won his second Head of Household competition. He decided to nominate Azah and Kyland for eviction. Although he has a final two deal with Kyland, he also has one with Derek F. At this point, he can only keep one of them off the block.

Although Xavier is HOH, who goes home this week really comes down to the veto competition. Only one vote will be cast this week which means that whoever isn’t on the block come eviction night gets to pick who will join them and Xavier in the final three.

So who won the Power of Veto? Will the veto be used? Read on to find out but beware of spoilers. 


Who Won the Power of Veto?

Xavier won the Power of Veto, giving him complete control of this week’s nominees. The Power of Veto ceremony will play out in this Thursday’s live episode, but Xavier is likely to keep nominations the same. He has a final two deal with Big D and isn’t going to backdoor him. He doesn’t view Big D as a threat to his game.

Since the HOH and the nominees can’t vote, that leaves this week’s eviction solely in Big D’s hands. Will he evict Kyland or Azah?

He’s expressed interest in going to the final three with the guys, but he also knows that Kyland is a bigger threat than Azah. Xavier would like Big D to evict Kyland as that would better his own chances of winning.

At this point, it really comes down to who Big D thinks is more likely to take him to the final two: Azah or Kyland?

Xavier’s Path to Victory

Xavier is in an excellent place right now. If Kyland goes home this week, his victory is just about locked in. He’s proven to be a much stronger competitor than both Big D and Azah. He has a good shot at winning the final competitions and having a chance to select who he brings to the final two.

If he does get to pick who he sits next to on finale night, Xavier is almost sure to pick Big D. He’s made a final two deal with him and he’s made no such deals with Azah. He’s also expressed that he thinks he’ll have an easier time beating a man than a woman since the jury has so many women.

Xavier is sure to get a high number of jury votes if he makes it to the final two. Britini, Claire, and Sarah Beth have already expressed that they think Xavier is playing an incredible game. With Tiffany no longer in the running, Hannah and Derek X. will probably vote for Xavier as well. Alyssa is also likely to vote for her former teammate and ally, Xavier.

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