‘Big Brother 23’ Week 2 Nominations Prediction

Big Brother 23

Youtube Kyland won Head of Household this week, shortly after celebrating his 30th birthday in the "Big Brother" house.

Frenchie’s HOH reign of terror is finally over! The first eviction of the summer is behind us and there’s a new houseguest in power.

Although it briefly seemed like Frenchie’s closest ally Brent would win this week’s HOH competition, Kyland ultimately pulled out a victory. He went from being on the block to having the most power in the house. So who will Kyland target this week?

By now, it’s no secret that Frenchie’s words don’t always match his actions. He promised all three of his nominees safety last week (Kyland, Alyssa, and his replacement nominee, Travis). Everyone in the house is well aware that an alliance with Frenchie is not a sure thing. This makes him an obvious target for this week.

However, Kyland is technically part of Frenchie’s Slaughterhouse alliance, along with Whitney, Alyssa, Christian, Brent, Derek F., and Xavier. Will the alliance stick together this week? Or will the house unite to take out Frenchie?

Potential Nominees

Kyland and Sarah Beth have a tight bond. He told her everything about the Slaughterhouse alliance, even though she isn’t part of it. This shows he has more loyalty to her than to the alliance.

Kyland is part of another alliance, “The Cookout”, which includes Xavier, Derek F., Tiffany, and Azah. It is unlikely that any members of The Cookout will be nominated, except as pawns. Tiffany is automtically safe this week, along with Claire, as they are part of Kyland’s team.

This would leave three players with whom Kyland is not tightly aligned: Britini, Hannah, and Derek X. Many people in the house want Derek X. out, however, he did save Kyland from the block last week. That being said, Derek X. didn’t ask Kyland for any promises before using the veto on him. He mostly did it to get back on Frenchie’s good side.

Will Kyland do what Brent and Frenchie (Brenchie) want and target Derek X.? Or will the house want Frenchie out for making too many false promises?

Nomination Predictions

Frenchie currently has the biggest target on his back. It’s possible that Kyland will nominate Frenchie and a pawn, potentially Sarah Beth so no one will suspect how closely he is working with her. Kyland could tell Frenchie he is only nominating him because Frenchie nominated him the week before. He could chalk it up to minimizing the blood on his hands, with his ultimate goal being backdooring Derek X., who has proved to be a good competitor. The house could potentially unite, so everyone playing the veto comp except Frenchie plans to send the two-faced farmer packing.

On the other hand, it’s never a bad idea to keep a huge target in the house. Maybe the slaughterhouse will keep Frenchie around a little longer to shield them from the block. Kyland could target Derek X., Hannah, or Britini, all of who could be threats down the line.

The Houseguests Met One on One With Kyland

Kyland pulled the houseguests one at a time to discuss alliances, who they thought voted for Travis to stay, and who they thought should leave the house this week. Frenchie’s closest ally, Brent, admitted to Kyland that Frenchie was erratic and that the slaughterhouse could remain intact even without him.

Tiffany warned Kyland about the “three-headed snake” in the house: Frenchie, Brent, and Whitney. She told Kyland one of them has to go this week and suggested putting up Brent and Whitney so Frenchie doesn’t freak out.

It’s likely that the nominations will be revealed later tonight. Stay tuned.

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