‘Big Brother 23’ Week 4 Power of Veto Competition Results

The 'Big Brother 23' cast

CBS The 'Big Brother 23' cast

Here are the results from the “Big Brother” season 23 week four power of veto competition, but be warned of spoilers ahead.


The Nominations and Wildcard

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After Christian Birkenberger won Head of Household, he decided that his main target was Whitney Williams, which is mostly fallout from her aligning with Brandon “Frenchie” French and Brent Champagne. Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah Chaddha and his backup was going to be Britini D’Angelo if either of the nominees won the Power of Veto.

The Wildcard competition took Claire off the table. She had to compete because of the rule where everyone only gets to compete once. It was Claire, Whitney, and Azah Awasum who played in what we think is the final Wildcard competition, and Claire won it. Her choice came down to either pick safety for her entire team (which is Tiffany Mitchell and Kyland Young plus herself) for just one week or keep only herself safe until the jury house starts, which we think is two weeks of safety, week four and week five.

Claire chose to keep herself safe for two weeks and we haven’t heard Kyland or Tiffany grumbling about that on the live feeds, so it sounds like they support her decision. It was definitely the smart play — Christian tossed her name around a little as a possible nominee, and next week will be solely dependent on who wins Head of Household, so Claire did the right thing for her game.

The Power of Veto Competition

VideoVideo related to ‘big brother 23’ week 4 power of veto competition results2021-08-01T10:13:58-04:00

As Head of Household and the nominees, Christian, Whitney, and Hannah all played for the Power of Veto. Then the three additional drawn/chosen players were Derek X., Claire, and Azah.

When the feeds came back up, Christian was wearing the Power of Veto necklace. He has no interest in changing the nominations and it is kind of a foregone conclusion that Whitney is headed out the door this week. Sure, anything can happen, but she can see which way the wind is blowing already and it will probably be a pretty boring week in the “Big Brother” house.

But next Thursday (August 5) promises to be very exciting. It’s the end of the team twist, which should shake things up a bit in terms of strategy. Plus, Julie Chen Moonves told us at the end of the last eviction episode that the next Head of Household competition would be the first endurance competition of the summer. This is a big Head of Household because the house is split about who they want to go.

Some guys in the house see this week as the best opportunity to get Christian out. He has won four competitions so far — the first Wildcard, two Power of Vetos, and a Head of Household comp. He’s a huge threat to keep winning unless they take a shot at him the week he can’t play for Head of Household. They want to backdoor him, too, so that he can’t get a chance to take himself off the block with the Power of Veto.

But Tiffany has gotten close with Christian and wants to keep him around, so she’s targeting Sarah Beth Steagull. And if Alyssa Lopez (who is Christian’s showmance partner) manages to win Head of Household, she and Christian might go after Hannah again and possibly Britini.

There will certainly be quite a few houseguests ready to stick it out for a while in the endurance comp in order to win, so it should be a lot of fun to watch.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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