‘Big Brother’ 23 Week 7 Nominations Results

Sarah Beth Big Brother

CBS Sarah Beth won this week's Head of Household competition on 'Big Brother.'

A new Head of Household has been crowned on “Big Brother 23.” Sarah Beth is the first woman to win the power this season.

As one of only four remaining houseguests not in The Cookout alliance, Sarah Beth had a chance to shake things up this week. However, her closest friend in the house is Kyland, a member of The Cookout. She trusts him and spent her first night as HOH strategizing with him.

Who did Sarah Beth decide is the biggest threat to her game? And will she come to regret her nominations once she realizes there’s a six-person alliance in the house that she isn’t a part of?

Read on to find out, but beware of spoilers.


The Nominations

Sarah Beth decided to nominate the exact same houseguests as Kyland did last week: Claire and Derek F., aka Big D. Sarah Beth is entertaining the idea of backdooring Derek X. this week.

What Sarah Beth doesn’t know is that eliminating Claire or Derek X. this week is really just doing The Cookout’s bidding. If one of them goes home, only three non-Cookout houseguests will remain. Sarah Beth sees Derek X. as an obvious target because he’s a comp beast, but he’s also close to catching onto The Cookout, which is why Kyland and Tiffany think he needs to go.

The High Rollers Room Twist Could Change Things

The High Rollers Room will play a role in the events of this week. If someone wins the Chopping Block Roulette game, they’ll be able to take someone off the block without the power of veto.

If someone does take a nominee off the block via Chopping Block Roulette, the replacement nominee will be selected at random. This is one scenario that could get tricky for The Cookout. In a situation where Claire is taken off the block, another Cookout member could find themselves sitting next to Derek F. on the block.

Kyland expressed to Sarah Beth that he’s nervous about being a randomly selected nominee. He even suggested that Sarah Beth put him up directly to avoid the possibility. Kyland knows that he’s safe next to any non-Cookout member. But if things go haywire and he ends up on the block next to Derek F.? He could very well be evicted.

Who Will Be Evicted On Thursday?

If nominations stay the same, Claire will be going home on Thursday. The Cookout undeniably has the votes to keep Derek F. safe. However, there’s still time for a shakeup between the High Rollers Room and the Power of Veto.

If Sarah Beth has a chance to choose a replacement nominee, Derek X. is in real danger of going home this week. But if a replacement nominee is selected at random, almost anything could happen this week. It’s even possible that a member of The Cookout could go home.

Tune in to a new episode of “Big Brother” on Sunday, August 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

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