A ‘Big Brother 23’ Alum Told Whitney to Stop Having ‘Public Disagreements’

Whitney Williams Big Brother

CBS Whitney Williams of "Big Brother 23."

Whitney Williams placed thirteenth on “Big Brother 23,” becoming the fourth pre-jury evictee.

Since her eviction, Williams has been outspoken about having issues with the way Derek Frazier, who came in second, treated her and other women on the show.

“Derek F. was incredibly disrespectful toward everybody, but specifically women,” Williams said while a guest on “The Winner’s Circle.” She continued, “I think he’s entitled, I think he has a wrong idea of women and I hate the fact that he just won $75,000 because he’s the easiest person in the house to beat.”

Frazier retweeted the video, writing, “I just got home. Is this one of the new girls from #Survivor41?” In a recent tweet, Williams revealed that another “Big Brother 23″ houseguest reached out to her to “discourage any public disagreements.”

Williams Fears Being ‘Excommunicated from the Rest of the Cast’

After a claim made by Claire Rehfuss on the live feeds hurt her reputation, Williams asked Rehfuss to clear up the rumors. Although Rehfuss has yet to publicly clear Williams’ name, Williams explained to her Twitter followers that she has a good reason for giving the situation time.

A series of tweets from Williams suggest that she has received criticism for going after Frazier but letting Rehfuss off the hook.

“The confrontation with Big D was a buildup of frustration from seeing the was (sic) he viewed and treated women in general, beyond me and even beyond the other women in the house. So I voiced my feelings the best I could at that time. I’m not blowing up on Claire for several reasons,” she tweeted.

Williams went on to explain in another tweet that “I’ve already had one very public quarrel, which lead to one of the other housemates reaching out to me to discourage any public disagreements. So I’m trying not to stir up more drama and get excommunicated from the rest of the cast.”

She also stated that her handling of the situations with Frazier and Rehfuss differently “has nothing to do with race like some of you have tried to claim.”

Williams and Rehfuss Had a Phone Call About the Incident

The situation with Williams and Rehfuss began when Rehfuss claimed on the live feeds that Williams didn’t believe the Sandy Hook shooting really happened. Once she left the “Big Brother” house, Williams cleared up the rumors in an Instagram Live.

On October 20, Williams tweeted that she and Rehfuss spoke on the phone about the incident two weeks prior. “It was clear that what happened was more than a “misunderstanding”, but (she) said that she would come on here to address is (sic) so I’m simply sitting back for a little while longer to see if this really happens,” Williams wrote.

Rehfuss Cleared Up the Rumors on Twitter

Later in the day on October 20, Rehfuss addressed the situation on Twitter.

“I misunderstood Whitney during our conversation in the house. I talked with her 2 weeks ago to clear it up, and I apologized for the hate that she got after leaving,” she wrote.

She added in another tweet, “I haven’t addressed this publicly because I didn’t want to bring more attention to such an awful conspiracy. I told Whitney when we talked that I didn’t want to post about it because of that. This is a complex issue and we’re both trying our best.”

Rehfuss has been busy showing her new boyfriend, Derek Xiao, around New York City. She posted an Instagram story of them watching “Survivor” together. Rehfuss also shared an Instagram photo of her and Xiao in Central Park.

“Fun fact: The last time I was in Central Park was filming my intro package that was played during the BB23 premiere! I took Derek on a tour of all the spots we filmed at,” she captioned the photo.

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