‘Big Brother 23:’ Whitney Asks Claire to Help Clear Up Rumors

Whitney Big Brother

CBS Whitney on "Big Brother 23."

Anything you say in the “Big Brother” house can be and usually is used against you.

That’s because 94 cameras and 114 microphones are recording the houseguests at all times. For Whitney Williams, who was the fourth houseguest evicted on “Big Brother 23,” it’s something that someone else says she said that is haunting her.

On the live feeds, Claire Rehfuss and Whitney were seen having a conversation. After Whitney walked away, Claire spoke directly into her microphone. “Very weird. She doesn’t believe in Sandy Hook. Don’t know about that one,” Claire says.

After her eviction, Whitney learned that fans were convinced she was a conspiracy theorist who believes the Sandy Hook shooting is a hoax. On an Instagram Live, Whitney stated that the incident was a miscommunication. According to Whitney, Claire told her some of the houseguests were discussing conspiracy theories and she responded by rattling off a few popular ones, including Sandy Hook. She didn’t say that she herself believes Sandy Hook never happened.

“I never once said that Sandy Hook never happened. It clearly happened. Well aware of that,” Whitney stated in the Instagram live.

Whitney Reached Out to Claire to Clear Up the Rumors

Now that Claire is out of the “Big Brother” house, she can speak to what she heard Whitney say. On Twitter, Whitney responded to a fan who wondered if Claire had addressed the situation since leaving the house.

“I messaged her and asked if we can talk about what happened. I’ve already reached out to Derek X and Big D.. I don’t want any hard feelings with anyone. (Other than Brent, he can f*** right off),” Whitney tweeted.

As of this writing, Claire and Whitney haven’t had a conversation about it yet. “I told her I don’t have any ill feelings but would rally (sic) like to discuss and clear up what happened, and she responded saying that she’ll get back to me after she’s spent some time with friends and family,” Whitney wrote in another tweet.

The “Big Brother 23” alum also added in another tweet, “If something I said or did within the house effected (sic) someone like this situation effected me I know that I would try to make it right immediately, but maybe she doesn’t know or understand the amount of hate I received from it.”

Whitney Called Derek F. ‘Entitled’

While a guest on Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore’s show The Winner’s Circle, Whitney didn’t hold back when it came to her opinion of Derek Frazier. Frazier came in second on “Big Brother 23” and has been criticized for disrespecting the female houseguests.

“Derek F. was incredibly disrespectful toward everybody, but specifically women,” Whitney told Derrick and Cody. “I think he’s entitled, I think he has a wrong idea of women and I hate the fact that he just won $75,000 because he’s the easiest person in the house to beat.”

Derek F. was unfazed by her comments. He retweeted the video and wrote, “I just got home. Is this one of the new girls from #Survivor41,” implying that he doesn’t know Whitney. 

When a Twitter user told Whitney they were ‘manifesting’ that Derek F. apologize to her, Whitney replied, “We’re going to need some stronger Juju for that..”

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