‘Big Brother 23:’ Whitney Opens Up About ‘Unbearable Depression’

Big Brother Whitney

CBS Whitney on 'Big Brother 23.'

Whitney Williams placed thirteenth on “Big Brother 23” and was a member of the Aces team.

The 30-year-old single mother and professional makeup artist took to Instagram to open up about the hardships she’s encountered in the last 15 years and the progress she’s made. “I’m proud to say that I’ve made it through over 15years of what I considered “impossible”. I’ve had phases of unbearable depression, loneliness, and complete overwhelm, and now for the first time in my life I feel confident that I’m headed in the right direction,” Williams wrote.

She went on to list some of the obstacles she faced when she was a new mom, including having “dealt with abusive relationships” and being “abused my (sic) someone I considered a friend.” Williams also shared that in the past, “having an overdrawn bank account and very little food was the norm” despite working more than 60 hours a week.

Williams Has Come a Long Away

In the Instagram post, Williams expressed gratitude for the progress she’s made and encouraged people who are going through hard times to hang on.

Despite her struggles, she is proud to have created “a top ranked makeup company with 16+ employees.” She is also moving into her first house with her sons at the end of November.

Some “Big Brother 23” alums left supportive comments on the post. “🙌🏾❣️ inspirational as always,” Kyland Young wrote. Claire Rehfuss commented three heart emojis, suggesting that the two women are on good terms after Rehfuss waited nearly a month to clear up something she said about Williams in the “Big Brother” house. 

On the live feeds, Rehfuss was heard saying that Williams believed the Sandy Hook school shooting was a conspiracy. When Williams was evicted, she tried to set the record straight in an Instagram Live but wanted Rehfuss to say something as well.

On October 20, Rehfuss tweeted, “I misunderstood Whitney during our conversation in the house. I talked with her 2 weeks ago to clear it up, and I apologized for the hate that she got after leaving.”

She added in a separate tweet that she had waited to address the situation because “I didn’t want to bring more attention to such an awful conspiracy.”

Rehfuss and Derek Xiao’s Relationship is Going Strong

Rehfuss and Derek Xiao surprised “Big Brother 23” fans when they announced they were dating. The couple had been just friends on the show but realized there was a romantic connection between them while in the jury house.

Rehfuss and Xiao have been watching the new season of “Survivor” together as Rehfuss often shares on her Instagram stories. She is a longtime fan of the show while Xiao is just getting into it. They dressed up as an angel and devil for Halloween and did an adorable photoshoot together.

In a TikTok video, Rehfuss poked fun at herself for not being honest with “Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves about her religious beliefs. Chen Moonves is a Christian who often references her faith on the CBS show.

“Me when Julie Chen Moonves asks me if I’m a child of God after I was evicted,” the text in the TikTok reads. The audio in the background says “holy spirit, activate” on a loop. The text then reads “my family watching live knowing I’m a non-religious, bisexual, vegan constantly living in sin.” In the caption, Rehfuss simply writes, “I COULDN’T DISAPPOINT JULIE!!”

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