A ‘Big Brother’ Cast Member Tried to Sue Kat Dunn

Kathryn Dunn on Big Brother 21

CBS Kathryn Dunn on Big Brother 21

The Big Brother house is always great for drama, both during the game and afterward. During Big Brother 21, one of the best memes to come out of the season was Kathryn Dunn’s crack to the house, “Are you b****es conspiring against me?”

She turned it into a whole thing — apparel, a podcast, and basically a whole online persona. But one piece of her online persona was not well-received by a fellow houseguest. So let the guessing begin as to which of her housemates tried to sue her over a T-shirt. Here’s what you need to know.

Dunn Revealed The Potential Lawsuit When She Started Responding to Old Tweets About Her Season

On Twitter, Dunn recently started digging up old tweets about her season of Big Brother and responding to them. As part of those hilarious shenanigans, someone wrote on July 3, 2019, on Twitter, “Do not and I repeat DO NOT give Kathryn a damn dime for ‘are you conspiring against me’ merch that she will release in three months #bb21,” to which Dunn responded with a GIF of the Spongebob Squarepants Squidward character getting showered with money.

In response to that, a fan posted a photo of Dunn in one of her pieces of apparel that listed four guys’ names on it — “Jackson, David, Nick & Brett” — and was titled “Showmance” ripped festival tee. The fan wrote, “Let’s not forget about this, hahaha, I still can’t believe you did this.”

What’s funny about that shirt is that Brett Robinson wasn’t even on Dunn’s season.

But wait! There’s more! In a follow-up tweet, Dunn revealed, “I’m not gonna say who, but one of the guys on this shirt threatened to sue me over this” with lots of laughing emojis.

She later confirmed that it was not in fact David Alexander. But did anyone really think it was him? It feels like something Michie or Robinson would totally do. But maybe it’s Nick Maccarone! We shall never know.

But Dunn said she got so worried about being sued that she called her dad and her dad told her, “Nah he can’t sue you, I know that for sure because we tried to sue [redacted] for what they said about you in the house!”

“Whew, we sure are messy, huh?” wrote Dunn, adding, “But I took it down anyways because I didn’t want to make things weird and I also decided not to drop the ‘I VOTE TO EVICT MICHIE’ tee I was planning to release like the next week.”

For the record, in case anyone was wondering, Dunn was in a brief showmance with both Alexander and Michie and then later dated Maccarone after the show. She has not dated Robinson (that anyone knows of). She was also recently in a relationship with Reality Steve of The Bachelor franchise, but they have since broken up.

Dunn’s Other Responses to 2019 Tweets Are Hilarious

If Dunn tickles your funnybone, reading through her tweet responses to people talking smack about her during Big Brother 21 is worth your time. One person wrote that Jackson Michie said she was “obnoxious, vain and immature” and “doesn’t wear a bra, panties and doesn’t want to have his reputation damaged at her hand,” to which Dunn said, “Wait I want this to be funny but it actually infuriates me, sorry I ruined your reputation because I WASNT WEARING A BRA.”

She also recently celebrated her 31st birthday, so happy birthday to Dunn! She is highly entertaining to follow on social media.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring.

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