Alexa PenaVega Rumored to Be Joining CBS Reality Television Show

Alexa PenaVega

Getty Alexa PenaVega.

Alexa PenaVega is among the list of celebrities rumored to be joining the cast of the third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” on CBS.

A Twitter account claiming to have insider information from CBS tweeted a list of the supposedly confirmed cast list. PenaVega, who got her start as a child actor in “Spy Kids” and is now a regular fixture on The Hallmark Channel, was among the celebrities listed.

Other celebrities on the list include Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” and actor Jerry Trainor, best known for playing Spencer on “iCarly.” CBS has not confirmed the casting rumors.

Past celebrity contestants on the show have included comedians, musicians, reality television stars, professional athletes, and politicians.

What Happens On ‘Celebrity Big Brother?’

What does being on “Celebrity Big Brother” entail? The contestants, known as houseguests, are sequestered in the “Big Brother” house (which is actually just a soundstage on a studio lot in California) for several weeks. They have no contact with the outside world, other than the show’s producers. They can’t see or talk to their families, use their phones, or access the internet.

Houseguests are also recorded 24/7 by 94 cameras and 113 microphones. Not only will their actions in the house be broadcasted on CBS, but they can also be watched at any time, day or night, via the live feeds. Who can watch the live feeds? Anyone with a Paramount Plus account.

“Celebrity Big Brother” houseguests compete in physical and mental competitions. When someone is in power, they are able to nominate other houseguests for eviction from the house. Alliances are formed and promises are broken.

The last houseguest standing wins a cash prize. In past seasons, the winner has won $250,000, half of what the winner of regular “Big Brother” wins. In 2021, the cash prize for “Big Brother” increased by $250,000, so it’s possible that the “Celebrity Big Brother” jackpot will also be bigger this season.

What Are the Chances PenaVega Will Join the Show?

Some of the names thrown out by “Big Brother” spoiler accounts could turn out to be true, but it’s very likely that at least some of them are incorrect guesses. If PenaVega were to join the cast, she would need to be away from her family for at least several weeks.

The third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” premieres on February 3 and the season finale airs on February 23. There is also a sequester period before the season begins where contestants are kept away from the outside world.

Although it would undoubtedly be hard for PenaVega to leave her husband Carlos and their three children, 5-year old Ocean, 2-year-old Kingston, and 8-month-old Rio, plenty of mothers have entered the “Big Brother” house. The “Celebrity Big Brother” season is actually significantly shorter than regular “Big Brother.” For the original series, contestants are away from their loved ones for up to several months.

PenaVega’s IMDb page shows that she is not currently tied up with any acting projects, which means her schedule is wide open for a stay in the “Big Brother” house. She has not been working much since her daughter Rio was born in May 2021.

This also wouldn’t be PenaVega’s first time doing reality television. Both she and her husband Carlos competed on season 21 of “Dancing With the Stars” in 2015. The confirmed cast list will likely be revealed in the last week of January.

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