Why Kevin Campbell Fainted During ‘Big Brother: All-Stars’

Kevin Campbell on Big Brother: All-Stars

CBS Kevin Campbell on Big Brother: All-Stars

Slop has been a staple of Big Brother since the first time the show had an all-stars season. Prior to that, Have-Nots were on peanut butter and jelly for the week. But for season seven, the show introduced slop as a punishment for the Have-Nots and a Big Brother tradition was born.

But on the latest all-stars season, Kevin Campbell ran into some trouble when he was a Have-Not. He revealed in an Instagram video with Big Brother alum Kat Dunn that he actually passed out one week.

Campbell Woke Up on the Floor with the Producers Calling His Name

In the video, Campbell described how he was so hungry and weak from being on slop that he fainted and woke up to the producers trying to revive him without actually entering the game.

“Did you know too that I fainted? I passed the f*ck out in the house and they cut the feeds. I was a Have-Not and I had not eaten and I passed the f*ck out and the next thing I knew I was on the floor and I heard the producers talking to me on the intercom, ‘Kevin, are you OK? Kevin?’ I was like, ‘What happened?’ So then they told me they cut the feeds and made sure that it didn’t air,” said Campbell.

Dunn was pretty surprised that nobody ever talked about it on the live feeds.

Dunn also informed Campbell that live feed viewers thought Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett kissed one night on the live feeds, which he was shocked to find out about, but he said he didn’t think there was anything going on there.

Campbell Is Not the First Houseguest to Have Slop Problems

Kaysar Has A Slop Mishap – Big Brother Live Feed HighlightBig Brother: All-Stars' Kaysar Ridha accidentally burns his slop cookies, smoking up the entire BB kitchen! Watch new episodes of Big Brother: All-Stars on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access. Drop in on the Houseguests 24/7 with the Big Brother Live Feeds — exclusively on CBS All Access. Subscribe…2020-08-19T00:31:18Z

Back in 2008 during the ninth season of the show, two contestants had to be taken to the hospital for slop-related problems. Amanda Hansen, who was hypoglycemic, complained about not feeling well. Hypoglycemia is a condition where one’s blood sugar drops so low that steps need to be taken to regulate it.

Hansen could be heard on the live feeds saying, “I need sugar really bad, and they won’t let me in the [Diary Room] … I need like bread and fruit or something … need sugar really bad, and I went in the [Diary Room] and told them … I’m hypoglycemic.”

After saying she needed to eat something other than slop, Hansen passed out face first on the floor and started having a seizure.

At the same time, cast member Allison Nichols suffered an allergic reaction to the slop that caused her lips to swell up and her throat to close. Both women were treated by paramedics on the scene and taken to a nearby hospital, returning several hours later after being treated by doctors, according to the New York Daily News.

“They both chose to return to the game after receiving medical clearance,” CBS said in statement. “Their medical conditions and course of treatment will continue to be monitored.”

CBS revealed the ingredients that go into making slop a few years ago — they include oats, water, unflavored whey protein, unflavored soy protein, and vitamin and mineral powder.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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