‘Big Brother’ Alum Gets Engaged In Paris

Big Brother 21

Youtube A "Big Brother" alum got engaged this weekend.

Love is in the air for a “Big Brother” alum!

Christie Murphy of “Big Brother 21” got engaged to her girlfriend Jamie in Paris on Sunday, August 22. Murphy posted videos on her Instagram story throughout the day leading up to the proposal. She and Jamie walked by The Louvre Museum and gushed over their gorgeous hotel suite.

Murphy couldn’t contain her enthusiasm in many of the videos, prompting Jamie to inform her that she sounded like a seagull with her excited shrieks. Shortly after posting photos of a gorgeous candlelit picnic in a teepee of flowers, Murphy shared news of the engagement, showing her diamond ring to the camera. The proposal took place on the lawn under the Eiffel Tower.

In one of the Instagram story videos, Jamie turns her back to the camera. “Why aren’t you in this with me? She’s so shy,” Murphy says playfully.

Jamie Was Convinced Murphy Knew the Proposal Was Coming

Murphy posted an Instagram story the following morning in which Jamie revealed she was concerned Murphy knew the surprise proposal was coming. She noticed that Murphy, who normally wears several rings, wasn’t wearing any that day.

Murphy confessed that she had simply taken off her rings because her fingers swell up when she flies. It seems Jamie’s surprise proposal was a success!

Murphy & Jamie Met Serendipitously

In September of 2020, Murphy was preparing to head to Iceland to be a contestant on “The Challenge.” She was at her going away dinner with her family when she received a call from MTV informing her she’d been cut from the cast.

In an episode of the “Hello Friends” podcast, hosted by fellow “Big Brother” alum Nicole Anthony, Murphy revealed the blessing in disguise of not doing “The Challenge.”

“For some reason, I wasn’t upset and [my family] was like, ‘Why aren’t you crying? Why aren’t you devastated right now?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know,’ I felt such a sense of calm and peace,” Murphy said.

The “Big Brother” alum said she had a feeling something bigger was on the horizon for her, something she would’ve missed had she been away in Iceland.

“I was like, ‘I’m telling you, I think I’m gonna like meet my soulmate this week or something,’ like kind of joking. Three days later I met Jamie,” Murphy said.

Murphy Has Expressed Frustration With BB23

Murphy recently shared a TikTok on her Instagram story that parodies “Big Brother” eviction night speeches. The TikTok pokes fun at how predictable and corny speeches have gotten in recent years. Rather than using the time to make a case for staying in the house, houseguests tend to give shout-outs to family members and make lighthearted jokes about how much the house will miss their cooking/cleaning.

In addition to sharing the TikTok, Murphy wrote that “Big Brother” has changed over the years and gotten “soft.” She said that she thinks most viewers agree with her and that those who don’t didn’t watch the old school seasons which had more drama.

In a July 2021 interview with Heavy, Murphy said she was a fan of the “Big Brother 23” teams twist. “I think implementing the teams twist prevents a huge monopoly alliance from forming from the jump,” she said.

Now that the teams twist is over and The Cookout has managed to make it to week seven completely undetected, some fans feel that the season has taken a disappointing turn towards predictability.

However, “Big Brother” alum Da’Vonne Rogers says there’s still plenty of drama to be had if The Cookout does make it to the final six.

She tweeted, “We’ve watched 22 seasons of white alliances control this game and make it to the end together…the check can only go to ONE person so the drama is coming…they just want an all-black bb house 1st…relax.”

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