Big Brother 24: Alyssa Says Kyle Needs to ‘Grow a Backbone’

Alyssa Snider

YouTube Alyssa Snider says Kyle needs to grow a backbone

Season 24 houseguest Alyssa Snider was evicted from the “Big Brother” house last night in a tie-breaker vote.

Alyssa will now head to the jury house, where she will reconnect with her former showmance Kyle Capener. The two formed a romantic connection early on in the game. Kyle even asked Alyssa to be his girlfriend in week six.

But their relationship came crashing down during week eight after Alyssa discovered Kyle had left her out of alliances and other game decisions. On top of that, she found out from Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes that Kyle had alluded to forming an alliance with the white players in the house. Alyssa ended up breaking up with Kyle shortly before his September 1 eviction.

In our exit interview with Kyle, he said he had hope for a reconciliation with Alyssa. But a few days before her eviction, Alyssa shared some choice words about Kyle that has fans wondering if she’s done with the TikTok star for good.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alyssa Disses Kyle on the Live Feeds

On September 12, a “Big Brother” fan account shared a clip of Alyssa talking about her and Kyle’s relationship on Twitter.

In the clip, Alyssa is hanging out in the backyard with Turner, Taylor Hale, and Monte Taylor when Turner brings up Joseph’s eviction. Joseph was eliminated during the Split House twist after Kyle threw him under the bus.

Alyssa said that Joseph and Kyle have a “big feud” before sharing some harsh words about Kyle.

The Florida native called her former showmance a “big p****” and said he “needs to grow a backbone.”

Alyssa’s sentiments towards Joseph were just as harsh. She called him a “loudmouth” and said he needs to “shut the f*** up.”

Turner Calls Out Brittany for Rogue Vote

Last night, Brittany Hoopes decided to go against Monte and Turner’s wishes and voted to evict Taylor. The controversial decision shocked Turner, who wasted no time confronting Brittany about the vote.

A “Big Brother” fan account shared a clip on Twitter that showed Turner recounting his conversation with Brittany to Taylor and Monte.

The Massachusetts native said he approached Brittany in the bathroom and accused her of pinning the rogue vote on him.

“It’s not respectable what you did,” he said. “It’s disgusting. It’s slimy. You’re just a snake right now.”

Turner told Monte and Taylor that Brittany responded by saying, “Wow. Thank you for your thoughts.”

Fans replied to the clip with their thoughts on the Brittany and Turner drama.

“It’s funny cause Brittany was actually trying to trick him into making the right move for his game,” one fan tweeted. 

“Yeah the only reason why he’s so mad it’s because he knows Britney was right just like she was right with Michael to get Turner out on his HOH,” another fan replied.

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Stayed tuned for more “Big Brother 24” updates.

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