Exclusive: Ameerah Jones Reveals Who She Felt the Most Betrayed by in the House


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On the Thursday, July 28 episode of “Big Brother,” houseguest Ameerah Jones became the first victim of the Leftovers alliance.

The 31-year-old was sent packing with a 7-4 vote that not only shocked her but left many of her fellow houseguests confused.

In the week leading up to her eviction, Ameerah felt confident she had the votes to stay, but little did she know a new alliance had recently formed with the intent to get her out of the house.

Heavy had the chance to catch up with Ameerah and chat about her eviction.

Here’s what you need to know.

Was Ameerah Blindsided?

Big Brother 24: Exit interview with AmeerahBig Brother 24: Interview with Ameerah2022-07-29T22:35:02Z

Heavy spoke to Ameerah about her eviction and asked how surprised she was by the vote.

“I was definitely more shocked at the replacement ceremony because I did not see that coming at all,” she told us. “Once I was put on the block, I went into high alert, and I was trying to figure out who had betrayed me because obviously Turner had someone [put him up to that]. He wouldn’t have made a move like [that] for the fun of it as much as people were trying to tell me that.”

The Leftovers intended to blindside Ameerah on eviction night, but the Maryland native told us she had suspicions that something wasn’t right prior to Thursday’s episode.

“I thought I was going to stay, but I also wasn’t 100 percent positive,” she said. “I just kept seeing different people around me having conversations together that weren’t normally having a conversation with people, so I was like, ‘Why are they speaking to each other? What are they whispering about?’’

“There’s a weird vibe of energy that goes around the house, and I knew something was off,” she continued. “I knew I had some votes, so I was like, ‘Hopefully, I have enough votes.’ I was definitely surprised at the people who did vote to evict me.”

Ameerah on the Leftovers Alliance

During her live exit interview, host Julie Chen clued Ameerah in on the Leftovers alliance. Ameerah admitted she was surprised to learn that many of her allies were included in the Leftovers alliance.

In our interview, Ameerah shared her thoughts on the seven-person alliance and revealed if she thinks they will be successful.

“I think they will absolutely be successful,” she told us. “I think it is a very strong alliance. I was very surprised at Monte, Kyle, and Michael being in it because they were in other alliances. I don’t know what they thought they were leftover from because they were included in every alliance I was in, so I was like, ‘Dang, am I a leftover too?’”

Ameerah Reveals Who She Felt the Most Betrayed By

Ameerah also shared whose vote surprised her the most, revealing she felt most betrayed by Monte.

“I really trusted him,” she said. “I didn’t even have to talk to him originally [when I was on the block] because he was like, ‘You’re good. We don’t need to talk. You’re solid.'”

“And the first week, he had made a final two with me because he was like, ‘Oh I want to be on the block with a black woman. If I’m [going to] go out I want to go out by a black woman,'” she said. “So, I felt in my heart that he was telling me the truth, and I believed him. With the girls, I was constantly trying to defend him…I felt most betrayed by him.”

Who Does Ameerah Think Is Playing the Best Game?

It may be too early to predict a “Big Brother 24” winner, but Ameerah felt confident placing her bet on Monte or Kyle to take home the $750,000 prize.

“Monte and Kyle [are playing the best game],” she told us. “I think they have a very strong social game. I think they’re strong physically and I think that if they were to even get put on the block, they would win a Veto. I think the only way to take them out is by backdooring them. I think they’re like ten steps ahead of all that, so I think they’ll go far.”

Stay tuned for more “Big Brother 24” updates.

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