‘Big Brother’ Houseguest Disses Fellow Alum: ‘Still Crying About Not Being on All-Stars?’

Big Brother 15 cast

CBS Big Brother 15 cast

Big Brother has taken a lot of criticism over the years for casting people who say racist, homophobic, and all manner of other horrible things on the live feeds. And one alumni wants his fellow contestants to start holding one player in particular accountable for his views.

Nickson Made Transphobic Comments in the Big Brother House

Cody and Jason Comments About Transgender BB19Cody and Jason make fun of Audrey #bb192017-08-08T05:39:39Z

During his time on Big Brother 19, Cody Nickson was heard making disparaging remarks about transgender people on the live feeds, comments that never made it to air on the CBS show. During one incident where he used the word “tranny,” his now-wife Jessica Graf tried to cover his mouth and he responded, “What? Tranny? I don’t give a sh*t. They can tuck away their d*cks all they want. Do you really think they’re f*cking gonna try to come at a Marine Corps infantryman for f*cking saying the word tranny?”

He also referred to transgender houseguest Audrey Middleton as “it,” which she addressed in a statement, saying, “We can easily project a lot onto them … for being ignorant, but you can not resolve ignorance with more ignorance. If you want to help Cody and Jason understand, end them information to educate themselves.”

Jason Dent, who was also part of the conversation about Middleton, later said told BuzzFeed that he was “absolutely ignorant” and he wanted to learn and grow. But Nickson stood by his statements, saying, “People are going to love me or hate me and it doesn’t matter … I’m not out to appease anybody or say anything to give anybody hugs out there.”

Andy Herren Called Cody Nickson a ‘Transphobic Bigot’

In a recent tweet, Herren wrote, “Friendly reminder that BB19 Cody is a COVID-denying, Trump-supporting, transphobic bigot. Let’s all stop pretending he’s anything else. I always talk about holding family and friends accountable but ‘celebrities’ should be, too!!! Stop. Supporting. Him.”

Paul Abrahamian jumped into Herren’s replies and added, “Let’s not forget calling the people of Flint Michigan idiots for not having access to clean water.”

In the screenshot that accompanies Abrahamian’s post, Nickson said in an Instagram, “If any citizen of Flint is still living there and complaining that no one is doing anything to help them, they are idiots … you just want to wait for a basic necessity in your life instead of realizing the area you live in sucks if they can’t even provide that.”

Nickson’s wife Jessica defended her husband, writing, “You’re SOO desperate for attention, do you ever stop talking about my husband? You poor thing. Not hugged enough? Still crying about not being on All Stars? Get a life,” to which Herren said, “At least my life doesn’t revolve around supporting a bigoted monster. This is so disappointing from you. You tried to hold him accountable for gross things he said on the show and I respected that. Now you’re here basically calling me a liberal wimp, acting just like him.”

And fellow BB alum Danielle Lickey chimed in after Graf’s comment with, “Imagine attacking someone because your husband is a racist homophobic piece of literal sh*t. Girl, read the room and get the f*ck on with your ugly *ss husband.”

Nickson was a controversial contestant on his season because live feeds fans did not like him, but he got a very positive edit by CBS and ended up winning America’s Favorite Player. A similar thing happened with past contestant Jeff Schroeder.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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