‘Big Brother’s’ Angela Rummans Contacted the FBI Twice

Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen from Big Brother

Instagram Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen from Big Brother

Big Brother 20 alum Angela Rummans has had a rough fall. Her boyfriend Tyler Crispen left for three months to film Big Brother 22 and now she has had to contact the FBI twice in less than two months. Here’s what’s been going on.

Angela Rummans’ Twitter Recently Got Hacked

Angela Rummans' Twitter was hacked

InstagramAngela Rummans’ Twitter was hacked

In an Instagram story shared on Monday, November 9, Rummans informed her followers that her Twitter had been hacked “for days” and that the FBI was working on tracking the IP address of the hacker.

“Please everyone unfollow my Twitter. It’s been hacked for days and I will be deactivating as soon as it gets restored,” wrote Rummans, adding, “FBI working on IP address tracking now.”

Well, Twitter must have restored her account because it has, in fact, been deleted. There is no word yet on if the FBI has tracked down whoever hacked it.

Rummans Also Contacted the FBI Because of Death Threats

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During the Big Brother 22 season, a lot of the significant others of the players were taking flak online for things their partners were doing in the game and Rummans was no exception. In a YouTube video, she explained about the death threats she had been getting and how to report things like that on social media.

“There’s been a lot of crazy stuff on Twitter, so much hate to the point where I’ve had to file police reports and I’ve spoken to a lot of different people of authority and I’ve really gotten down to what needs to happen in order to get rid of some of this hate,” said Rummans. “There is a website called http://www.ic3.gov, and it’s the best place where you can go and report these usernames on Twitter and they don’t go unnoticed. the FBI flags every account and the more times the account gets mentioned on this website, the higher up in the queue it goes.”

She also said that she wasn’t making this video for herself or for Crispen, she was making it to try to do her part to stop hateful bullying on social media.

“I ask you all that are listening to this video if you see people sending death threats on Twitter — it doesn’t matter if it’s to someone you don’t like — report these people. Report them as many times as you need to to get this hate taken care of or toned down because this hate has taken over. I’ve never seen this amount of hate in my life towards every single person in that house.

“This isn’t for my mental health, this isn’t for Tyler’s … we signed up for this, we signed our lives away and we knew that we were going to get some of this. I’m doing this because I know the people that are sending these death threats are the same people that are bullying their peers and I feel like I need to do my part in order to stop it because there’s so much suicide in our adolescents and it’s because of social media, I believe it in my core. Social media has turned so toxic and I need to do my part to make a difference in the hate that is out there,” said Rummans.

She also said dealing with the toxicity online was “exhausting,” wearing her down “mentally and physically, emotionally too,” so she decided to take a bit of a break from social media.

She has since come back to social media and hopefully is no longer receiving threats.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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