‘Big Brother 24’ August 28 Live Recap & HOH Results

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YouTube Big Brother: September 18 live RECAP

A new Head of Household will be crowned in tonight’s episode of “Big Brother.” Last week, houseguests Joseph Abdin and Jasmine Davis fell victim to the Split House twist and were evicted in a special double-eviction episode.

Tension has been high since the Dyre fest attendees rejoined the house. In Thursday’s episode, Kyle Capener threw his ally Joseph under the bus to protect his showmance, Alyssa Snider. Now that Kyle is back in the house with the Leftovers alliance, will his past actions come back to haunt him?

We’ll find out tonight.

The drama kicks off tonight at 8:40 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS and Paramount Plus. Follow along with our live coverage.

All times Eastern.

‘Big Brother’ Sunday Night Recap

SPOILERS AHEAD: Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:40: Tonight’s episode kicks off with the Dyre fest attendees re-entering the “Big Brother” house. The Brochella contestants realize Joseph was eliminated. Monte is upset Joseph is gone, but Taylor is really upset. She starts crying. Joseph was Taylor’s close ally and they had a budding showmance!

8:50: The After party alliance (Turner, Terrance, Kyle, and Alyssa) have a plan to keep their hands clean about Joseph’s elimination. They are telling the other houseguests that Joseph started “going rogue,” and so they had to get him out.

Terrance and Taylor are chatting. Terrance says Joseph was “acting crazy” and that is why they had to get him out. In a confessional, Terrance says he plans not to tell anyone that he knows about the Leftovers.

Kyle is chatting with Michael and Brittany. Just like all the other After Party members, he is blaming everything on Joseph.

8:55: Time for the HOH competition! It’s the Mini-Veto competition but in HOH form. Wow! Here’s how it works. The houseguests have to use tweezers to stack mini cups. If a houseguest’s stack of cups fall, they have to start over. The first houseguest to stack all their cups wins!! Monte is doing very well. Kyle is doing well too.

9:00: Turner is doing well in the HOH comp! At this point, it’s anyone’s game. Monte, Kyle, and Turner are in the lead. Kyle has one more cup to stack! If he stacks it correctly, he will win HOH. He goes for it and…..a few of his cups fall. No HOH yet. Turner has one more can left. He goes for it and…it’s a success! Turner is the new HOH.

9:05: Michael and Taylor are chatting. They think they should be safe because Turner is in the Leftovers alliance. What they don’t know is that Turner joined an alliance called the After Party that includes Alyssa and Terrance.

Turner is telling all the Leftovers that they are safe. He is making empty promises. Everyone in the house feels safe. Haha.

9:15: Turner and Kyle are chatting. Turner promises to have Kyle’s back in the game. Turner asks Kyle for advice about what he should do this week. Kyle throws Brittany and Michael under the bus. Turner suggests nominating their After Party alliance members, Alyssa and Terrance. Kyle is not on board. He wants to go after the Leftovers.

9:20: Turner and Monte are chatting. Turner tells Monte that Joseph was “falling apart” at Dyre fest and it was “sad to watch.” Not true. Turner says that there is a smaller group within the Leftovers working together. That group is Brittany, Taylor, and Michael. Monte worries that he is at the bottom of the Leftovers. He seems interested in pivoted his gameplay and working with Kyle and Turner.

9:30: Monte is talking to Kyle and Turner. He tells them that the Leftovers were talking about targeting Kyle last week during Brochella. Monte says the Leftovers are “over for him” and his loyalty is to the Pound (Kyle and Turner).

9:35: Time for the nomination ceremony. Turner nominates Taylor and Brittany for eviction. He spews more lies about Joseph. He tells them Joseph told him that Taylor, Brittany, and Michael have a final three. Joseph did not do that.

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