A ‘Big Brother’ Player Says CBS Stopped A Jury Confrontation

The Big Brother 22 houseguests who didn't make it to the jury

CBS The Big Brother 22 houseguests who didn't make it to the jury

Despite the season being a little on the boring side, the Big Brother 22 finale was nothing but boring — and the tea being spilled afterward is kind of amazing. Read on to find out which houseguest had big plans to confront the jury and how CBS changed things up on her at the last minute.

Bayleigh Dayton Says She Had Big Plans For the Jury During the Finale

During the live two-hour finale, the five Big Brother 22 houseguests who did not make it to the jury appeared via video call to talk about the season. It was a fairly tame segment, but apparently, it could have had a lot of fireworks if CBS hadn’t interfered.

In an Instagram video, Bayleigh Dayton told her followers, “I just wanna let y’all know that I had plans to drag every single one of them, but CBS stepped in and decided to ask me another question last-minute, live, so I was caught off-guard, wasn’t prepared. Trust me, I had plans, so it will be getting addressed.”

Hopefully, there will be more tea spilled on Instagram soon. Dayton recently deleted her Twitter account after she started receiving backlash over Evel Dick Donato’s N-word controversy.

What Did Dayton Want to Drag the Jury About?

As for what she wanted to drag the jury for… here are a few guesses.

First off, a lot of fans were questioning Tyler Crispen’s behavior in regards to wanting to stand up for something he believed in and promising to quit the game so that neither Dayton nor Da’Vonne Rogers had to go home. He later went back on this but did not tell them he had changed his mind, so they were a little blindsided when Dayton got evicted.

Dayton already addressed the Black Lives Matter thing in a YouTube video, saying, “I know Tyler’s not racist. It’s not that … He wanted to go home. He was really sad. He missed Angela very bad. He wanted to convince [Da’Vonne] and I to go along with his plan and the only way that could be done, the only way we would believe him is if he brought up Black Lives Matter. So he took a risk there and he brought up something that was close to us.”

But she hasn’t gotten to speak to Crispen directly about it yet, so that might have been one area she was going to address.

Secondly, there was an issue with Daniele Donato Briones where she talked on the live feeds about Dayton stealing Janelle Pierzina’s clothes and it turned into a discussion with Christmas Abbott saying she’d have to guard her stuff when she packs. Dayton later said she was “still pissed” about what Donato Briones said, and for the record, Pierzina gave Dayton the clothes in question.

When a fan asked about why Donato Briones was talking about the clothing at all, writing, “Does Dani want an article of Janelle’s clothing or something? Why does she keep questioning if Bayleigh was gifted that sh*t. Ya’ll coulda been Sisterhood of the Traveling Jean Jacket but you were too busy tryna dethrone people,” Piezina responded, “She already bought the dress I wore in All Stars and wore it to her finale. She is bothered that I adore Bayleigh and would give her anything she wanted from my closet.”

Oh, the SHADE these contestants are throwing.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, there are rumors that CBS is trying to put together Celebrity Big Brother 3 and we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring as well.

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