Two ‘Big Brother’ Houseguests Feuding Over One Using the N-Word

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Former Big Brother players “Evel” Dick Donato and Paul Abrahamian have never gotten along. Their dislike and their public feud have been playing out on social media for years. The latest chapter in this book is that Abrahamian posted a video where Donato used the N-word. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Donato Used the N-Word When Doing a Video Chat WIth Elissa Slater and Rachel Reilly

In the video, Donato was talking about the racism running rampant in Big Brother 15 and he used the N-word in reference to CBS hoping that no houseguests in Big Brother 16 would use the N-word, but Donato actually said when talking about it. When he said it, Slater and Reilly visibly reacted to it and Donato defended himself by saying, “I have plenty of black fans that are OK with me saying it.”

In their post about the video, Abrahamian called Donato “openly racist” and said that this “homophobic piece of sh*t needs to lose his platform, enough is enough.”

Abrahamian also said Donato has spent years “spreading incessant cyber harassment, fake rumors, & vitriol amongst the reality TV community.”

Donato has since apologized, tweeting, “It’s been brought to my attention that Paul is posting a 5-second video where I said the N-word. I have no clue what context this clip was pulled from, I am assuming it is talking about BB15.
Regardless, I’d like to make a public apology for using the word in any context,” he wrote, adding, “There is no excuse for it. I know I have said it in the past while quoting what was said before by other people. I also know I have said it trying to be cute saying something like “Ni**a please”
So let me once again say that I do sincerely apologize for using the word at all.”

He also wanted to make sure that no one is aiming their vitriol at Slater or Reilly, tweeting, “Rachel did speak up in the recap. I went and watched it and she did say something to me immediately.
So any hate should be directed at me, not Rachel or Elissa.
Leave them out of it… I have owned what I said and have apologized. What I said was wrong.”

In a since-deleted tweet (screengrab below), Donato also wrote, “No excuses, I was wrong… The clip was from 7 years ago. I own up to what I said & I have apologized. I was talking about the producers in BB16, praying that after BB15, no one says the N-word & I said the word. I pulled the video & do sincerely apologize.”

Donato also came under fire recently for saying he would be fine with it if current Big Brother 22 houseguest Nicole Franzel died.

Abrahamian Also Said Evel Dick Sent Them The Suicide Hotline Number and Misgenders Them As a ‘Joke’

In subsequent posts, Abrahamian (who uses they/them pronouns and is nonbinary) posted screenshots of Donato harassing him with sexually suggestive posts, sending them the suicide hotline number when Abrahamian said that Donato is online bullying, and continually misgendering him multiple times.

Several of Abrahamian’s followers have chimed in with similar sentiments. One wrote, “The dude’s a monster. Seriously. I have lost many friends to suicide, and I wish I could tell them how much I love them one more time. He actually thinks that it’s funny. I can’t even process how a human being can think that way,” and another said, “Unfollowed him years ago when I saw his platform was based purely on hate and bullying.”

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