Order of Evictions on ‘Big Brother VIP’ Leaks via Podcast

Big Brother VIP Australia


“Big Brother VIP” is airing in Australia and if you think the U.S. versions of “Big Brother” and “Celebrity Big Brother” bring the drama, you haven’t seen anything! With U.S. celebs including Caitlyn Jenner, Thomas Markle Jr. and Omarosa joining a cast full of models, actors, athletes and reality TV personalities — anything goes in the “Big Brother” hotel built in Sydney’s Olympic Park especially for the production.

Now, “a podcast called “So Dramatic” hosted by Megan Pustetto, is claiming to know the exact order of the evictions from the “Big Brother VIP” house and who the winner of “Big Brother VIP” 2021 is!

Here’s what you need to know:

This Is How the Podcast Figured out the ‘Big Brother VIP’ Winner

The “So Dramatic” podcast was able to determine the elimination order of the “Big Brother VIP” winner by the date each houseguest returned to social media. Unlike house guests on the American versions of “Big Brother,” the Australian houseguests don’t have a no-spoiler clause in their contracts.

The first houseguest to be evicted is Caitlyn Jenner — she revealed that herself when she posted on her Twitter account that she was heading back to California.

Jenner revealed this information on the same day the trailer for “Big Brother VIP” leaked and, in her tweet about returning to California she retweeted the trailer. So, Jenner’s eviction is no surprise for anyone paying attention or to Jenner herself. The “So Dramatic” podcast revealed that a “Big Brother VIP” insider told her that Jenner’s contract stated that she’d only spend one week on the show so that she could return to her campaign for governor of California.

The insider said, “She had a deal with producers that she would be able to bail in time to catch a plane to join her governor tour on August 12.”

Spoiler Alert: This Is Who Wins “Big Brother VIP” 2021

Matt Cooper was the second houseguest to be evicted, however, unlike other houseguests, he didn’t post the “Big Brother VIP” teaser on his social media until late August.

With a “Big Brother” regular season win under his belt, “Big Brother VIP” contestant Danny Hayes entered the hotel with a bit of an advantage. However, his luck doesn’t hold out. The “So Dramatic” podcast revealed that Hayes is the next houseguest to be evicted.

Model Ellie Gonsalves was the next to go, the outlet reported. Like Jenner, she posted the “Big Brother VIP” teaser on her Instagram once she got home. Influencer Josh Carroll was evicted next and also posted the cast list on his Instagram upon his return, as did Luke Toki and Dayne Beams.

Thomas Markle Jr. was the next to be evicted, the outlet reported. He then proceeded to post a bunch of things on his Instagram account about being on the reality TV show in Australia while he was posting videos openly talking about evading immigration to stay in the country, the Daily Mail revealed. The outlet captured the video in which Markle said, “As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to hide from immigration and I’m not going to go home,” before he deleted it.

“Married at First Sight’s” Jessika Power was the next houseguest to be shown the door and she also posted the cast announcement on her Instagram account as did Imogen Anthony.

The final two houseguests on “Big Brother VIP” 2021 are Omarosa and Aussie actor Bernard Curry.  The “So Dramatic” podcast revealed that Bernard Curry is the winner of Australia’s “Big Brother VIP”2021.

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