‘Big Brother’s’ Frenchie On Being a ‘Hypocrite’ & Who Is In the Best Position

Brandon 'Frenchie' French was the second person evicted from the 'Big Brother 23' house

CBS Brandon 'Frenchie' French was the second person evicted from the 'Big Brother 23' house

In an interview with Heavy, Brandon “Frenchie” French dissected his time in the “Big Brother 23” house, including why he came out of the gate so hard and who is in the best position in the house right now.

Frenchie Breaks Down His Game

'Big Brother 23' Brandon 'Frenchie' French Exit InterviewBrandon "Frenchie" French tells us why he played so hard right out of the gate and defends his nominations, plus he has a surprising answer for who he thinks is in the best position in the "Big Brother 23" house right now.2021-07-23T18:27:14Z

Heavy: How was your ‘Big Brother’ experience overall? Would you really not change anything about how you played the game?

Frenchie: This go around? Absolutely not. As watching as a fan, I got tired of certain things and my wife told me if you wanna create a change, you gotta get off the couch and go do it. So this go-round for me was that. I had something to do, I was on a mission and it came at the detriment of my game week 2, but I’m OK with that. I’m a firm believer in things happen for a reason … I had an absolute blast playing this game.

Heavy: You said early on that you wouldn’t put women or minorities on the block, then you nominated two people of color, one of which was a woman, so… what happened there?

Frenchie: I said that I wasn’t going to send home, they weren’t going home, and I held true to that. … my pond [of potential nominees] turned into a water droplet really fast with the team twist and the wildcard competition … My original intent was to put Christian and Traivs on the block together, one of them goes home … then things evolved and the Slaughterhouse happened and I pulled people I didn’t trust close to me, so that made it a little hard for me to nominate Brent and Travis. … I knew in that moment when I was looking at them keys, it literally broke my heart because I knew that I was gonna have to [nominate people of color] or completely blow up my game by putting Brent or Travis up and one of them saving themselves. And if Brent was stuck up there, the whole Slaughterhouse would be coming for me at 90 miles an hour. So I put up Alyssa to send that message [to Christian] and Kyland because I trusted him.

So it might have taken a rollercoaster to get my end goal, but I got my end goal and I wouldn’t change that. I don’t regrete it because at the end of the day, I got who I wanted. It might have been crazy to get there, but I got there and my message got pointed across … I got Travis out of the house. I got a huge competitor out of the house and I met my goal — a jock went home.

Heavy: Why did you think Derek X was such a threat? You guys acted like he was some kind of evil genius, but he wasn’t really masterminding anything.

Frencie: He lied to my face about an alliance that Kyland, him and Travis were starting. He tried to say it wasn’t an alliance at the hammock, I confronted him about it, he thought I didn’t really know about it and then when I spit off the names to him, his face melted. He knew at that point that I knew what was going on and he was like, oh, crap. So then he kind of became public enemy No. 1.

Not just that, but there was something else and I’m not gonna publicize that, but he made a mistake in the house and I corrected him on that and he settled that with that person and I’m a firm believer of we live and we learn and that’s why he became the center of everything. You know how people in the ‘Big Brother’ house talk — you get a little minute detail and somehow it ends up this big. And that’s how it ended up the way it did. He’s actually a really good guy, he’s super funny and I hope nothing but the best for him.

Heavy: Why did you promise safety to seemingly everyone in the house? Was that you getting caught up in the game? What was going on there?

Frenchie: My original intention was no women, that took out eight possible people, and minorities and that took out the rest. All that was left was the jocks and when my nomination pull came in I was like oh my goodness, there’s literally two in here and one of them [Brent] is going to completely blow up my game … If that one gets blown out, if I even remotely put him on the block, that was super dangerous territory. And then Travis, he’s a huge competitor. If I put him on the block, he is going to pull himself off.

Not knowing what the competition was for the Veto, that was dangerous territory, so I had no choice but to nominate somebody else on that key block. I literally came out of that Diary Room after nominations, I had tears in my eyes and I went straight to the bathroom and just sat there and felt like the biggest hypocrite in the world. People didn’t see that because I was in the bathroom and then I came out and Xavier, he hugged me because he knew. … He knew and he just hugged me and he was like, it’s a game, you did what you had to do. That solidified that things were OK.

After the noinations, he came up to me again and was like, it’s OK, because he knew I felt like a total hypocrite. But I knew the end goal and in order to get to the end goal, sometimes you gotta go through rocky times to create your own paradise and my paradise was getting a jock out of that house, so that’s what I did.

Who Are in the Best and Worst Positions In the House?

Big Brother 23 | FrenchBee | Live Feed Highlight | Paramount+BeeBee Houseguest Frenchie shows off his farmboy skills and assists a small bee in the backyard. Watch all-new episodes of Big Brother on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS and Paramount+. Drop in on the Season 23 Houseguests 24/7 with the Big Brother Live Feeds-streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Subscribe to the “Big Brother”…2021-07-23T07:54:49Z

Heavy: Who do you think is in the best position in the house right now?

Frenchie: Oh, Hannah, ten-fold … Hannah is super smart, she’s very intelligent. … and she’s a ‘Big Brother’ encyclopedia … she knows this game and if people don’t watch out, she’s gonna take every one of them out because she’s charismatic. People love her. I loved her. We head-butted, and I knew deep inside that she was gunning for me, but at the same time, I respected her so much that I was like, OK. At the end of the day, a gamer is gonna recognize a gamer. … She’s gonna win this game if they don’t watch out.

Heavy: Who do you think is in the worst position right now?

Frenchie: Derek F. right now. It hurts my heart to say this, but people knew we were crazy close. I’m nervous that they think I passed all the information I knew on to him, which I did. I think they’re going to try to use that. I hope not. Knowing that Xavier is HOH, I think [Derek F] will be OK this week because Xavier was somebody that we liked working with, so I hope for his sake he’s OK but I think he’s in a dangerous spot.

Heavy: I think Brent is going to have a very tough week.

Frenchie: Oh, absolutely. I caused that and I made sure before I left that house that he was public enemy No. 1. He is on a lot of people’s radars and I set that up before I left hoping that he would be the next one after me.

Heavy: Who do you hope wins the money?

Frenchie: In my opinion, there’s a select few that totally deserve this. Hannah’s one of them. Derek F., obviously. I love him to death. Azah, she’s such an amazing person. Her personality and the things that she does for people not asking anything in return, that kind of person to me deserves everything and I hope that she does get everything. Sarah Beth is such a sweetheart, I wouldn’t mind seeing her win. And then Kyland. Kyland, he’s a stud but at the same time, he’s a sweetheart. He’s the person that took me out and I’m sure people don’t expect me to say this, but I hope he goes far because he deserves it. He built himself a hell of a resume starting with his HOH. He took me out. I was the most protected player last week and he took him out.

“Big Brother” season 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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