Carson Kressley on Winning AFP & Apologizing to Shanna Moakler

Carson Kressley

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On the February 23 finale of “Celebrity Big Brother,” Carson Kressley won America’s Favorite Player and was rewarded with $25,000. The fan-favorite thanked viewers for their support and shared that he will be donating a portion of his winnings to the charity, True Colors United, a nonprofit focused on ending youth homelessness in America.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Carson after the finale and get his final thoughts on the season.

Carson on Winning America’s Favorite Player

America’s Favorite Player was first introduced in “Big Brother 7,” which aired in 2006. Janelle Pierzina was the first houseguest to take home the coveted $25,000 prize. Since then, America’s Favorite Player has become a “Big Brother” staple and allowed viewers to have an interactive role in the show.

Carson told Heavy he was surprised when his name was announced on finale night.

“I kind of forgot that was even a thing,” he said. “I honestly thought Shanna would probably win it because she had a rough go on the show, and that would have been totally fine. I would’ve gotten that, but I’m delighted that I did [win], and I’m excited I can use some of that money to support one of my favorite charities.”

Fans took to Twitter after the finale to congratulate Carson on winning AFP.

“Yippee @CarsonKressley! Well deserved!! #AFP” one Twitter user wrote.

Another fan tweeted, “Congratulations @CarsonKressley on winning AFP!! #BBCeleb3 You deserved that win! You’re a special human being, and I enjoyed you so much on the show!”

Carson on Shanna’s Eviction

In the Friday, February 18 episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” Carson was evicted in a 2-1 vote. The “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” alum made a fatal mistake the week prior to his eviction when he decided to trust Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall over his ally, Shanna Moakler.

In an attempt to save himself from the block, Todrick convinced Carson that Shanna was untrustworthy and playing both sides of the house. Carson heeded Todrick’s advice and went along with a plan to backdoor Shanna.

The decision to evict Shanna proved to be deadly for Carson’s game, and he was sent packing the following week.

Carson said he felt awful about evicting Shanna after discovering that Todrick was feeding him misinformation, telling Heavy he felt “sick to [his] stomach.”

“I was sold such a bill of goods,” he said. “I felt so terrible because I had gotten rid of the person who helped me stay there because two people were just so good at deception. I know that’s part of the game, but I just never imagined, so shame on me.”

At the live finale, Carson publicly apologized to Shanna, telling the “Meet the Barkers” star that he “deeply regrets” not trusting her.

Carson told Heavy he was grateful he had the opportunity to apologize to Shanna, stating, “she was gracious as could be. I just wanted to share those sentiments on the live show. I’m so grateful that Julie gave me that opportunity, and I could maybe share my wisdom and pay it forward and say, listen, actions speak louder than words America, so pay attention and don’t be a dummy like me.”

He also shared that if he could re-do his Head of Household week, he would put both Miesha and Todrick on the block and break up that “dastardly duo.”

Despite the drama in the house, Carson said he respects Todrick and Miesha’s game, stating, “they were very good. I must say, it is just a game, and although they were deceptive, they were also really good at playing the game.”

Carson Wanted to Work With Todrick

Todrick repeatedly referred to Carson as the “biggest threat” in the house, but Carson didn’t see it that way.

“If he thought I was a big threat, I guess I’m flattered,” he told Heavy. “I never took it that seriously, and that was probably my problem. People were conniving and scheming and figuring out plans, and I was in the bathtub with cucumbers on my eyelids.”

Carson shared that he didn’t plan on targeting Todrick and actually wanted to work with him in the game.

“We had an agreement from the very beginning of the show,” he said. “I like popped out of the shower, and I was like ‘we’re like community, we’re family, we should absolutely make a pact to look out for each other,’ and I absolutely wanted to do that and did do that throughout the entire show.”

Carson Says He Formed Many Friendships in the House

Carson was a bit of a social butterfly in the house. The “Dancing With the Stars” alum formed tight bonds with many houseguests, most notably “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey.

Carson spoke about his bond with Cynthia, telling Heavy, “we just naturally bonded together.” He also shared that he is tight with Chris Kattan and plans to go horseback riding with Todd Bridges.

“Chris Kattan and I have been talking on the phone everyday. I’m like, wait, are we dating? What’s happening?” he joked.

The former celebrity houseguest went on to say that the friendships he formed in the house are “far better than winning $250,000.” 

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