Who Won ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ Tonight?

Celebrity Big Brother

CBS The final three on 'Celebrity Big Brother' — Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, and Cynthia Bailey.

The season finale of the third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” airs tonight, February 23, at 8 p.m. Eastern time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

The final three houseguests — Todrick Hall, Miesha Tate, and Cynthia Bailey — will battle it out in the final Head of Household competition of the season. Whoever wins gets to choose who to take with them to the final two.

The jury of eight houseguests will cast their votes live for the winner of “Celebrity Big Brother.” Since Chris Kattan is no longer eligible to vote, America will cast a vote in the event of a tie. How will the jury vote tonight and who will win the $250,000 prize? Plus, who did America vote to crown America’s Favorite Player?

Stay tuned to find out.

This article will be updated with the winner of “Celebrity Big Brother” and other details as the episode airs. 

Who Won the Final Head of Household Competition?

The final competition of the season was called “Shout-outs.” The final three listened to video messages from the evicted houseguests. In the videos, the evicted houseguests made three statements about their time in the house. The final three had to identify which of the three statements from each video was false.

Miesha answered the most questions correctly, making her the final Head of Household and earning her a spot in the final two.

Who Did Miesha Take to the Final Two?

Before Miesha made her decision, Cynthia and Todrick had one last chance to sway her. Cynthia didn’t attempt to make a pitch to Miesha to take her over Todrick. Todrick compared his and Miesha’s partnership to that of Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore from “Big Brother 16” and thanked Miesha for having vulnerable conversations with him as a “white person in 2022.”

Miesha made good on her promise to take Todrick Hall to the final two, calling him the yin to her yang and saying she couldn’t wait for them to be in each other’s weddings.

With that, Cynthia became the final member of the jury. Cynthia told Julie Chen Moonves she wasn’t surprised at all that Miesha evicted her. She had nothing but nice things to say about Todrick Hall, unlike almost every other evicted houseguest. Cynthia also said she would’ve taken Todrick to the final two had she won HOH because she has a soft spot for him.

America Gets a Vote

There are only eight jurors, which means that America gets a vote. Ameria’s vote will only be revealed in the event of a tie. To vote for Miesha, text A to 21523. To vote for Todrick, text B to 21523.

Voting will be open until the final jury vote is locked in or until 5:45 Pacific time, whichever happens later. Only vote per device is allowed.

Julie’s Chat With the Jury

Julie Chen Moonves introduced the jury and Carson Kressley took a moment to apologize to Shanna Moakler for turning on her and backdooring her. Shanna said she really appreciated the apology and had kind words for Carson.

The jurors all seemed disappointed to see that Cynthia didn’t make the final two and they all correctly guessed that Miesha won the final Head of Household competition.

The Final Two’s Final Pitches to the Jury

Before the jury cast their votes, Todrick and Miesha had one last chance to sway the jury. Miesha said she tried to play with as much integrity as she could and that she wanted to play the game to show her daughter that girls can do anything.

During Todrick’s final speech, Teddi Mellencamp and Todd Bridges both looked visibly annoyed. Todd rolled his eyes. Chris Kirkpatrick pursed his lips when Todrick brought up not wanting to win just because he’s Black and Shanna Moakler wouldn’t even look at the screen.

Chris Kirkpatrick and Todd both rolled their eyes when Todrick mentioned wanting to win the money to make music for his fans.

The Jury’s Votes

Many of the jury members took voting as an opportunity to air grievances they had with Todrick.

“One of your favorite movies is Wizard of Oz, but you’ve forgotten that we could see behind the curtain,” Teddi Mellencamp said, before stating she was casting her vote for the lesser of two evils. Teddi previously criticized Todrick for wanting to spend $250,000 on a Wizard of Oz costume.

Chris Kirkpatrick said he was dedicating his vote to his son, which was a dig at Todrick, who previously told Chris Kirkpatrick that his son was going to be disappointed by his gameplay.

“The one thing this vote ensures is that I will not ever have to hear your voice again,” Shanna said, which was clearly directed at Todrick as well. Todd said that everything was great until he watched the live feeds, and subtly reprimanded Todrick and Miesha for talking about him behind his back.

Lamar Odom said he had gotten a new tattoo earlier that morning and was going to cast his vote for the person who most closely represented the ideals behind his tattoo. Cynthia said she was going to vote for the person who helped her navigate the game, clearly a vote in Todrick’s favor.

Mirai Nagasu and Carson Kressley were more diplomatic with their votes, not throwing any shade.

Who Won ‘Celebrity Big Brother?’

The winner only needed five votes to win. Todd, Lamar, Carson, Shanna, and Chris Kirkpatrick all voted for Miesha, making her the winner of “Celebrity Big Brother.” She won $250,000 and Todric won $50,000 for coming in second.

When Miesha and Todrick joined the jurors onstage, things seemed a bit tense. Mirai and Cynthia hugged Todrick and Carson patted him on the arm. But everyone else appeared to give him the cold shoulder. Todrick walked up to Lamar, who gave him a friendly pat but not a hug.

Mirai and Teddi also voted for Miesha which means that Cynthia cast the sole vote for Todrick.

Who Won America’s Favorite Houseguest?

The top three vote-getters for America’s Favorite Houseguest were Lamar, Carson, and Shanna. Carson ultimately got the $25,000 award. He announced he was going to donate a “significant portion” of the money to his charity, True Colors.

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