‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Eviction Spoilers: Live Recap 2/18

Lamar Odom

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Tonight on “Celebrity Big Brother” a fifth houseguest will be evicted.

In Wednesday’s episode, Todd Bridges won Head of Household and nominated Carson Kressley and Lamar Odom for eviction. Todd made it clear that Carson is his target this week, so if all goes according to plan, the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” star will be leaving the “Big Brother” house tonight.

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below. All times Eastern.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:00: Here we go! Julie Chen welcomes viewers to another episode of “Celebrity Big Brother.” The episode kicks off with the aftermath of Todd’s nominations. Todd says in a confessional that Carson is his target and Lamar is a pawn.

Carson says he still has hope because Cynthia could win the Power of Veto. If Cynthia wins, she will take Carson off the block, which will keep both of them safe.

Cynthia says Carson being on the block is her “worst nightmare.”

Todd reveals in a confessional that he hopes he can gain Cynthia’s trust by keeping her off the block.

Todrick, Miesha, Lamar, and Todd are all working together to backdoor Carson. Their plan is for one of them to win the Veto, so they can keep noms the same and send Carson packing.

8:15: Lamar and Todrick are having a conversation about family. Lamar opens up about losing his mom at a young age and his son passing away from SIDS at six-months-old. Lamar says his experiences have changed his outlook on life. Todrick says in a confessional that he has respect for Lamar and praises him for overcoming adversity.

 Lamar and Todrick’s punishment is over! They can finally take off their Mojito and Lime costumes and detach from each other.

8:20:  It’s time for the Power of Veto competition. This competition is called the “Ego Veto.” Here’s how it works. In each round, three identical objects will appear. The Veto medallion will appear in one of the objects. Houseguests will be able to see the location of the Veto medallion, but then it will disappear. The houseguests have to track which object contains the Veto medallion as the objects shuffle around. Points will be rewarded for each correct answer.

Round 1: The first answer is A! Todd and Cynthia get the point.

Round 2: The second answer is A! Todd, Miesha, and Todrick get the point. Todd is in the lead with two points.

Round 3: The third answer is C! Todd, Miesha, Cynthia, and Todrick get a point!

Round 4: The fourth answer is…B! Miesha and Todrick get the point!

Round 5: The fifth answer is…C! Carson, Cynthia, Miesha, and Todrick get a point! Miesha and Todrick are now tied for first!

Round 6! The sixth answer is…A! Todrick, Todd, and Miesha get the point! Cynthia is out of the competition. She is disappointed in herself because she wants to help save Carson.

Final round: The final answer is…A! Miesha wins the Power of Veto!!!

8:40: Miesha is on board with voting Carson out of the house, so she will most likely keep nominations the same. Carson offers Lamar some advice for staying in the house. Carson wants to protect Cynthia’s game, so he suggests Lamar should team up with Cynthia after he goes home.

Miesha reveals to Todrick and Cynthia that Lamar is getting on her nerves. Cynthia tells Carson this information. Carson starts wondering if the tension between Miesha and Lamar will help keep him in the game.

8:50: Cynthia and Carson are talking about being “free agents” because they aren’t aligned with anyone. They hatch a plan to form a final four with Miesha and Todrick in a last-ditch effort to save Carson.

They plan to convince Miesha to keep noms the same (which she was going to do anyway). Cynthia approaches Miesha about a final four deal. Miesha tells Cynthia that she already has a final four with Lamar and Todd.

8:55: Time for the Veto meeting! Miesha keeps noms the same. Miesha says in a confessional that Carson is still the target and will be leaving the house come eviction night.

Carson isn’t giving up just yet. He has a plan to convince Todrick to evict Lamar.

9:00: Actor and co-host of “The Talk” Jerry O’Connell sits down with Julie to talk about this season. Jerry says he feels Todrick, who he knows personally, wants to control everything in the house. Jerry also weighed in on Shanna’s eviction, stating he was “shocked” when she was eliminated.

9:15: Miesha is starting to become suspicious of Todd. She’s worried he will target her next. She tells Todrick that they should target Todd next week and bring Cynthia and Lamar to final four.

Carson gives Todrick his final pitch to stay. Carson proposes that if Todrick saves him this week, he will vote for him to win in the end. Cynthia says she will also vote for Todrick in the end if Carson stays this week.

Todrick is intrigued by the deal.

9:25: Time for goodbye messages! Todrick thanks Miesha for always nominating him (haha). Time for Lamar’s speech. He gives a sweet shoutout to his kids.

The votes are in….Carson will be the next houseguest to leave the “Big Brother” house

Miesha voted to evict Carson

Cynthia votes to evict Lamar

Todrick votes to evict Carson

9:30: Carson leaves the house in good spirits! On his way out, he tells the houseguests to “keep it classy.”

9:35: Carson sits down with Julie for his post-eviction interview. Julie asks Carson about his decision to evict Shanna when he had the chance to get Miesha out of the house. Carson tells Julie that he really trusted Miesha at that moment, but he regrets evicting Shanna. He shared that he should have evicted Miesha during his HoH week.

9:40: Time for Carson’s goodbye messages! Cynthia shares a sweet message, stating their friendship “forever changed” her.

9:45: Julie teases the houseguests are about to receive video messages from their loved ones. Todd’s mom, brother, and kids give him a sweet shout-out. Todrick’s mom tells him to “hang in there” and shares words of encouragement. Cynthia’s husband says he misses her “so much.” Lamar’s friend and “Celebrity Big Brother” alum, Metta World Peace, delivers a sweet shoutout. Miesha’s fiancé and kids give her an adorable shoutout.

9:55: Julie closes out the episode and tells viewers there will be a double eviction on Monday.


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