Carson Kressley Says He and Cynthia Bailey ‘Messed Up Majorly’

Carson Kressley

CBS Carson Kressley after his 'Celebrity Big Brother' eviction.

After winning Head of Household on “Celebrity Big Brother” and backdooring his former ally Shanna Moakler, Carson Kressley found himself on the block next to Lamar Odom.

The veto competition didn’t save him and Carson was evicted by a vote of 2-1 on February 18. After his eviction, “Celebrity Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves asked Carson about his decision to believe Miesha Tate and Todrick Hall, who were openly targeting him, over his ally Shanna. “Were you Big Brother’d?” Julie asked him.

Now that Carson has had some time outside of the house, has he seen the error of his ways? Heavy had a chance to catch up with him about his regrets, why he trusted Todrick so much, and whether he and Cynthia Bailey will be friends for life.

Carson Calls Backdooring Shanna ‘The Dumbest Decision Ever’

When Carson and Cynthia found out that Shanna had been playing both sides of the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, they were shocked. But did they ever stop to consider that backdooring Shanna was exactly what their enemies wanted? That they were doing Todrick and Miesha’s dirty work for them?

“We were so stupid but I don’t think we even thought of that until like literally when Julie was interviewing me,” Carson told Heavy. “She’s like ‘were you Big Brother’d?’ I’m like I don’t even know what that means but I think we messed up majorly.”

Carson says that he now regrets turning on Shanna, calling it “the dumbest decision ever.” “I take complete responsibility. I apologize to Shanna Moakler immensely just because that should’ve never happened and we should’ve believed her,” he said.

Why Did Carson Trust Todrick and Miesha So Much?

Why did Carson trust the people who were working to get him out of the house over Shanna, who had used the power of veto to save him?

“We were so bamboozled by Todrick and Miesha’s stance of always playing with integrity. That really resonated with me because that was my whole thing. Like I don’t need to win this that badly that I’m gonna run roughshod over everybody,” he said. “I thought there would be some kind of celebrity code of honor. Didn’t happen.”

He said that although he and Todrick were not aligned in the game after their early alliance Formation fell apart, he still felt like he could trust Todrick more than other people given their “long-standing relationship” outside of the house.

“I just assumed, this is someone I had a relationship with for a long time outside of this show, I just am naive and think that person would have my back. That was not the case, unfortunately,” he said.

Carson Says ‘Big Brother’ is ‘Just Not My Thing’

Carson talked a lot about integrity and honor while on the show, but does he think there’s a world in which he could’ve played the game with a little more cunning?

“It’s just not my thing. I am just not good at ‘Big Brother,'” he said. “I was not prepared, I hadn’t seen enough. I was literally like ‘oh I have time off in January, this sounds fun.'” He added that in order to be really good at the game, you have to be “a little shadier than I am.”

Still, Miesha and Todrick perceived Carson as their biggest threat from the beginning. “I think everybody overestimated what a threat I was. I was like guys, I organized a calendar,” he said, joking about his veto win. “I don’t know why I was seen as such a threat.”

He and Cynthia’s Friendship is Rock Solid

Carson got very close with Cynthia Bailey in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. Will their friendship continue to flourish outside of the game?

“Yeah definitely. Trauma builds a strong bond,” he told Heavy. The “RuPaul’s Drag Race” judge added that he and Cynthia bonded over wanting to play the game as nicely as possible. “I was just so impressed with her character and her grace…I can’t imagine that we would ever not be friends,” he said.

Carson and Cynthia had met before they entered the “Celebrity Big Brother” house which may have made it easier for them to trust each other. So why did Todrick trust Miesha, who he had never met before, over Carson?

“I think he chose to work with Miesha from the get-go because she slayed that first competition. I think he’s seen enough of the show and knew to like glom onto a winner,” Carson said. He says he was “dumbfounded” when Todrick left the Formation alliance and “didn’t understand why” Todrick felt “uncomfortable” working with Teddi Mellencamp.

Carson Missed His Alone Time and His Wardrobe

As someone who once bore the title of “fashion savant” on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” how did Carson deal with packing only one suitcase of clothes for his entire “Celebrity Big Brother” experience?

“It was terrible,” he told Heavy. “I definitely got booted at the right time because I was like, I am out of cute outfits.” He says that the hardest part of the entire experience was “feeling like I did Shanna such a disservice and wanting to apologize to her and make things right…that’s heavy on my heart.”

The social butterfly of “Celebrity Big Brother” is also grateful to finally have some alone time. “Believe it or not, as social as I am, I need like a day where I don’t see people. Where you can like, recharge your batteries and look unkempt,” he said.

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