Chris Kirkpatrick Says Todrick Hall ‘Plays the Victim’

Chris Kirkpatrick

CBS Chris Kirkpatrick right after his eviction from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

Chris Kirkpatrick, founding member of the boy band NSYNC, became the third houseguest evicted from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house on February 11, 2022.

Kirkpatrick started out in a good position in the game. He formed a strong relationship with Miesha Tate, who won the first Head of Household competition, and she brought him into the athlete alliance she had formed with Todrick Hall and Lamar Odom. Miesha and Todrick felt their biggest threat was Carson Kressley, but Kirkpatrick formed good relationships with Carson and the other side of the house.

When Kirkpatrick won the second HOH competition, he didn’t target Carson as Miesha and Todrick wanted. Instead, he went after Mirai Nagasu, who was technically in his alliance but never talked game with him. As the game went on, Kirkpatrick became closer and closer to Shanna Moakler. When Miesha won HOH for the second time, Shanna and Kirkpatrick grew wary that if Miesha successfully evicted Carson, she and Todrick would just continue to pick the rest of the house off one by one. They decided to shake things up with a big move.

With Carson and Cynthia Bailey on the block, Shanna won the power of veto and used it to save Carson, against Miesha’s wishes. This showed Miesha that Shanna and Kirkpatrick were not fully loyal to her and she replaced Carson with Kirkpatrick. He was then unanimously evicted.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Kirkpatrick about Todrick making things personal, the houseguests’ unkind treatment of Chris Kattan, and why he couldn’t campaign against Cynthia.

Chris Says Todrick ‘Plays the Victim’

After Kirkpatrick was evicted, Todrick claimed in his goodbye message that Kirkpatrick had started a “smear campaign” against him. But Kirkpatrick told Heavy that although he didn’t trust Todrick in the game, he never made any personal attacks against him.

“There was no point where I was like ‘this guy is a lowlife, he’s a rat, he’s a horrible human being,’ whereas he said those things to me and they were not warranted at all and that kinda sucks,” Kirkpatrick said. He said of Todrick, “he’s always the victim.”

“Todrick plays this game and kind of pushes people around but then the minute you try to push back he plays the victim and that’s really kind of dirty to me,” he added. “Yeah, he made it personal.”

On the live feeds, Todrick said about Kirkpatrick, “I’m making it my personal mission to just make sure I last in this house longer than he does. I’ve been bullied by so many people that look like him, remind me of him.”

“The way Todrick talks about me, I feel like I ran over one of his hairless cats or something,” Kirkpatrick told Heavy.

Kirkpatrick Says ‘People in the House Were Just Not Nice’ to Chris Kattan

Before Kirkpatrick’s eviction, another houseguest voluntarily left the “Celebrity Big Brother” house — comedian Chris Kattan. Kirkpatrick said of Kattan, “he didn’t really understand anything to do with the game or how it worked.”

“I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did and I was actually really proud of him because he was really suffering in that house, like really suffering,” Kirkpatrick told Heavy. In Kattan’s goodbye message to his fellow houseguests, he thanked Kirkpatrick for always asking him how he was doing. Kirkpatrick thinks he was one of the only people who cared about Kattan.

“People in the house were just not nice. I mean, they weren’t nice people,” he said. “They would make fun of him…it just made me sick to my stomach. You know, this guy’s suffering and you guys are laughing about it and making fun of something that’s wrong with him and that didn’t sit well with me either.”

Kirkpatrick told Heavy that other houseguests would only be nice to Kattan when cameras were pointing at them. “And then he’d walk away and they’re like ‘oh my god did you see the way he was running just now and walking? He’s eating the cake out of the thing’ and all these things,” he said. He revealed that Kattan started to get suspicious that houseguests were only being nice to him for the cameras and even got angry at Kirkpatrick once for asking him how he was while wearing a microphone. Kirkpatrick reminded him that they had to wear microphones 24/7.

He says he told Kattan, “‘I will get yelled at and take my mic off if you want me to. We can go somewhere there’s no cameras.’ I just honestly wanted to make sure he was okay.”

Why Didn’t Kirkpatrick Campaign Harder to Stay?

Kirkpatrick was unanimously evicted. But if he’d just gotten Shanna, Lamar, and Todd to vote for him, Cynthia would’ve been out of the house. So why didn’t he fight harder to stay?

“I couldn’t campaign especially because you know, this whole thing was my stupid idea. And I was like if anybody’s gonna go out on this dumb idea, it’s gonna be me,” the NSYNC alum said. He also doesn’t regret not taking a shot at Todrick or Miesha when he was Head of Household.

“When I was HOH I thought it was too soon,” he said. “It was too early to play dishonest. I was hoping there would be another opportunity and there was.” He feels that he and Shanna didn’t outright betray Todrick and Miesha by saving Carson. “I was never gunning for Miesha. 1000% I trusted Miesha…the only problem was she had Todrick attached at the hip.”

Kirkpatrick knows he signed his own death warrant on “Celebrity Big Bother” and he’s okay with that. “There’s fans of ‘Big Brother’ out there that I know enjoy watching it and I would rather shake things up and make the game fun than walk away with $250,000,” he said.

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