Cynthia Bailey Says She Owes Shanna Moakler ‘a Huge Apology’

Cynthia Bailey

CBS Cynthia Bailey on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

Cynthia Bailey placed third on “Celebrity Big Brother,” becoming the final member of the jury that voted for the winner.

With no competition wins on her resume, Cynthia was seen as less of a threat than her closest ally in the game, Carson Kressley. She made it all the way to the final three before the final Head of Household, Miesha Tate, decided to take Todrick Hall to the final two.

Heavy had a chance to catch up with Cynthia about turning on her friend Shanna Moakler and what she was thinking while the jury was bashing Todrick.

Cynthia Will Do ‘Whatever I Have to Do’ to Make Things Right With Shanna

Cynthia was in an alliance with Shanna and Carson during “Celebrity Big Brother.” Of the three of them, Shanna had the best understanding of how the game works. She knew that she had to tell the other side of the house, including Miesha and Todrick, what they wanted to hear at times and even make deals.

When Carson won Head of Household, Todrick decided to tell him and Cynthia that Shanna had been playing both sides of the house. Carson and Cynthia felt betrayed by Shanna and helped facilitate a plan to backdoor her.

When we talked to Cynthia, she still hadn’t gotten her phone back. But she was beginning to piece it together that Todrick and Miesha didn’t have her and Carson’s best interests at heart.

“I am still in shock. I just cannot believe that that happened to us,” she said. “If what I’m hearing is true, again I have not watched the show yet…I owe Shanna a huge apology. Personal, public, whatever I have to do, I’m really gonna do whatever I have to do to make it right.”

Why Did Cynthia Trust Todrick Over Shanna?

To the viewers at home, it seemed ridiculous that Cynthia would believe people who were openly gunning for Carson over someone who had just used the power of veto on him. But Cynthia told Heavy that when Todrick told them about Shanna, it was just confirming suspicions that she already had.

During the first eviction of the season, Shanna voted to evict Teddi Mellencamp, who was also a member of the alliance with Cynthia and Carson. Cynthia says that was an early red flag for her.

“The alliance, which I thought meant something, had agreed that we would vote for Teddi, and at the last minute she (Shanna) didn’t,” Cynthia said. She was also told that Shanna knew that Miesha was going to put her and Carson on the block and didn’t give them a heads up. But despite her suspicions about Shanna in the house, Cynthia says she’s more than happy to admit if she was wrong.

“I will so admit when I’m wrong and I have no problem apologizing to Shanna. My heart is just breaking at the thought that this even happened,” she said.

Cynthia on the ‘Weird’ Energy of the Finale

Almost every houseguest evicted from “Celebrity Big Brother” showed up to the finale with a vendetta against Todrick. Cynthia got along well with Todrick in the house and as the final juror, she had no opportunity to be swayed by social media or clips from the show.

She says she was surprised by how the jury reacted to Todrick on finale night. “I basically walked out and the whole cast was like stonefaced,” she said, adding that she quickly realized, “okay, the energy’s kinda weird.”

Cynthia cast the sole vote for Todrick. She told Heavy that she was taken aback by the fact that the jury was so mad at Todrick, but not at Miesha. “I thought (that) was confusing because Miesha and Todrick were like one person in the house,” she said.

Cynthia said that you can get so comfortable in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house, that you almost forget about the cameras recording your every move. But she’s surprised that Todrick, who is such a fan of the show, didn’t think more about angering the evicted houseguests who were watching from home — the very people who got to decide the winner of the show.

“I honestly don’t know what he was thinking,” Cynthia said. “Because he’s a ‘Big Brother’ superfan…I’m actually surprised that he…would allow himself to even be in this position, to be honest.”

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