Julie Chen Moonves Reacts to Lamar Odom’s Live Vote Moment

Lamar Odom

CBS Lamar Odom on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

In the Monday, February 14 episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” former NBA player Lamar Odom took his sweet time casting his live vote to evict either Miesha Tate or Shanna Moakler.

When “Celebrity Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves asked Lamar to cast his vote, he chewed on his fingernails. “Um, it’s hard,” he said. “Do what’s in your heart,” Julie prompted him. “I need you to vote to evict.” Lamar appeared to place fingernail clippings he had chewed off on a surface next to him.

“Can you hear me, Lamar?” Julie asked after Lamar failed to give her an answer for several seconds. He said he could. “You know we’re on live TV, right?” She asked. Lamar finally voted to evict Shanna, just like the rest of the house.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie explained why she actually loved the strange moment.

Julie Appreciated That Lamar Was ‘Really Trying to Think for Himself’

It’s a common occurrence on “Big Brother” for players to vote with the house to avoid ruffling feathers without considering what’s actually best for their own game.

Julie told Entertainment Weekly she was “confused” by Lamar’s antics in the diary room at first, but then realized he was legitimately taking his time and considering his options. “When he said he could hear me and was truly contemplating, I thought: This is great! Someone really trying to think for himself and figure out what serves HIM instead of going along with the group,” she said.

“But I also was wondering…does he know what he is supposed to do?” Julie continued. “Should I feed him the choices again?  It’s moments like these where I love, love, love live television.”

Lamar Admitted That He Wanted to Vote Miesha Out

As we saw in the February 16 episode, Todrick Hall asked Lamar what took him so long in the diary room after the live vote. Lamar admitted that the vote was hard for him because he didn’t have beef with Shanna the way the other houseguests did.

In front of all the houseguests, including Miesha, Lamar told Todd Bridges he’d been trying to get his attention before the live vote to tell him to vote Miesha out instead of Shanna. Miesha was understandably upset to hear this and walked away.

Todrick using the power of veto on Todd rather than Miesha likely complicated Lamar’s decision. He suddenly saw an opportunity to vote Miesha out instead of Shanna, but it was too late. Even if he and Todd had voted to evict Miesha, Todrick and Cynthia would’ve voted to evict Shanna and Carson would’ve broken the tie with a vote to evict Shanna.

On February 10, Lamar was heard on the live feeds trying to tell Todd that Miesha was a bigger threat than Shanna. Todd told Lamar that Shanna was a threat because she had won the power of veto twice. “My man, no she is not. Miesha won two HoH,” Lamar responded.

Many “Celebrity Big Brother” viewers are rooting for Lamar to win the game. In a Twitter poll that over 2,000 people voted in, 86.9% of people said they wanted to see Lamar win it all.

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